Storeí, a miracle baby

This precious little boy is nothing short than a miracle baby! As I understand it, his conception was already remarkable as his mother was on birth control, with 3 girls and no intentions of expending her family. Early in her pregnancy, as Shaquansia went to her ultra sound hoping to find out the gender of her baby, she received the frightening news that her baby had a trisomy 13. She was also told she was expecting a boy. Shaquansia has sickle cell, she carried her first 3 children without complications but during this last pregnancy, she had to be hospitalized twice, with severe anemia, the second time lasted a month. It took no less than 16 blood transfusions to stabilize her. Her doctor tried to prepare her to terminate the pregnancy, explaining her little boy would be very sick. With the support of her husband, spiritual father and family she fought for her health and her baby’s, trusting God to heal them. She wasn’t able to enjoy her pregnancy, she lived in fear for her baby, even unsure if she could have her son. The looming concerns didn’t allow for any excitement or joy while expecting this baby boy. Storeí came 3 weeks early and miraculously completely healthy, with no signs of trisomy 13, surprising the medical team. I had the pleasure to photograph him on his due date, he was a perfect little model, all smiles.

blue velvet


vanilla drop

side lay

close up

chin on hands

smiling baby


taco pose


cat scratcher



  1. by Pamela Tripp on February 3, 2019  9:24 pm Reply

    What a beautiful little miracle! He is all smiles because he is a blessing from God and here for a purpose. I pray for God to cover him throughout his entire life as well as your family in Jesus name. Amen

  2. by Evang. Michele on February 4, 2019  10:10 am Reply

    I praise God for His miraculous power in Jesus' Name; blessedly awesome Storei arrived WITH a Testimony: Revelation 12:11 KJV. May God continue to bless him, his parents, siblings, and family with the discernment, knowledge, love, and wisdom required to rear this child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord... I can hardly wait to behold the story of Storei, as it unfolds with magnificence, in Jesus' Name!

  3. by Tangela on February 4, 2019  11:50 am Reply

    What a cute baby 😍So happy to hear he is perfectly healthy. God bless this family!

  4. by Lamonica Graves on February 16, 2019  6:06 am Reply

    Beautiful little miracle

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