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When I think of my friends the Schneiders, I am reminded of the movie Wonder, and the movement #choosekind it triggered. Erika steps into my photography life with the most unique timing, always inspiring me and giving me hope when my tank is low. The first time she uplifted me was when she received Cosette. That day coincided with a awful terrorist attack in France and the beautiful display of love was the heartwarming I needed. The second time was 8 months ago. I couldn’t share until the adoption papers were final, but last week Simone officially became a Schneider! Simone’s newborn session was a milestone for me: in February of 2017 I had an unfortunate ski fall and ruptured the ACL in my left knee. The surgeries and recovery time was a lot more than expected and I found myself for the first time immobilized, unable to work, to do anything other than try to get better. In the long 6 months of inactivity, I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for “being well”, “being normal”. My first session after this dragging convalescence was Simone. She marks my return to a normal life, a life that includes a camera and just being able. It’s like Simone and Cosette were meant to belong with Erika, Brent and Rose, they all make the most beautiful and loving family. I know they touch many by example, just being their kind selves, a role model unique family, spreading wonder in their path.Baby in flower nest

baby bonnet

newborn in a bed

newborn in bowl

bucket pose

newborn backlight

bum up


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  1. by Faye Bowers on April 18, 2018  5:25 pm Reply

    What beautiful photographs of such a precious child. I am blessed with 9 grand treasures, three via adoption. This little girl is very blessed as well.

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