I hope everyone has had a wonderful memorial day weekend. The weather in Pensacola was delightful amidst a few showers, which helped in keeping the temperatures down. The kids are out of school, and summer is just starting.
For McKenzie and Gary this will be a memorable summer, with the arrival of their first born, little Miss Grey (I love the name). You know, I’m a big advocate of photographing newborns early on, but really I think, all stages of our lives should be documented. When a women has her body so radically transformed by pregnancy, that’s one of those very special “stages” worth safekeeping with the magic of photography. We may not all gain just the few recommended lbs by our practitioner, but nonetheless, the transformation is spectacular, a rare moment in life, a new life growing inside, a miracle of nature, that will only last a few months…
Thank you for allowing me to celebrate the joy of your new life with images.

These 2 are so in love, one little kiss was all it took to have them relax in front of the camera.

Look at these adorable little sandals Mc Kenzie found for Grey, she’ll be so stylish!


  1. by Rebecca Williams on June 2, 2010  6:31 pm Reply

    Stunning! Kenz, you are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos!

  2. by Alli on June 2, 2010  6:56 pm Reply

    McKenzie you look not only amazing in these pictures but throughout your entire pregnancy. I think the one of you and gary holding the tiny sandals should be the one that goes in little Grey's room. Love you both and i can't wait to meet the little munchkin. Arielle, you have an amazing tallant!!

  3. by Candice on June 3, 2010  6:58 am Reply

    I absolutely LOVE these pics Kenzie!!! You're so beautiful! I honestly can't pick a single favorite, but I love the ones of you and Gary with the yellow background :) You did an amazing job Arielle! Thanks for sharing.

  4. by Tiffany on June 3, 2010  4:26 pm Reply

    Um, you make pregnancy look amazing, my dear friend!!! Can't wait to meet Miss Grey :) Love YOU!

  5. by Jenn Vo on June 3, 2010  4:29 pm Reply

    WOW!!! These are gorgeous pix- ya'll look amazing- what wonderful memories- ya'll look so happy and inlove. Cant wait to see the little one! Arielle you are a very talented photographer- you go girl! Thanks for sharing them w/ me! Love ya! xoxo.

  6. by Sharon Smith on June 3, 2010  5:20 pm Reply

    Thank you and Gary for taking the time to have these pictures made of your 1st pregnancy and my 1st grandchild. These pictures are so precious and Grey will enjoy looking at them as she gets older.

  7. by Tracy on June 3, 2010  7:08 pm Reply


    SOOOOO Beautiful!! I agree with Alli! I love the one of you and Gary and the sandals! You are one Hot Mama!

  8. by Katherine on June 3, 2010  8:39 pm Reply

    Kenz, you look so beautiful!! The pictures turned out great! Can't wait to see you soon!

  9. by Rachel on June 4, 2010  5:28 am Reply

    I agree with Alli as well...that one with the little sandals is too cute! Congratulations in advance...I can't wait to meet Grey (I can't believe she'll be here so soon)!

  10. by Paula Moreland on June 4, 2010  5:58 am Reply

    Mac and Gary the pictures are so sweet! Can't
    wait to hold Miss Grey.

  11. by Joanna Jones on June 4, 2010  6:19 am Reply

    You look great and all of your pictures are so good! I can't wait to see pictures of Grey! She is going to be beautiful!

  12. by Lauren Pope on June 4, 2010  6:32 am Reply

    Mckenzie, These are so BEAUTIFUL!! I think you and Gary are both glowing!! Can't wait to meet that precious baby girl!... Love you guys.. and Arielle, you did do a super job... such talent!!

  13. by Heather on June 4, 2010  7:05 am Reply

    McKenzie they are BEAUTIFUL! I love the colorful scarf wrapped around you and my favorite is the one with the block letters that say GREY. Such wonderful pics, you are one beautiful pregnant woman! Can't wait to meet the little one.
    Heather Horn

  14. by Jackie Skeen on June 4, 2010  7:17 am Reply

    McKenzie and Gary, these pictures are awesome. It has been so amazing for me to share all this with you. I can't wait to hold this precious child.

  15. by Jessie Thompson on June 4, 2010  10:34 am Reply

    Great! I love the new yellow backdrop in your studio. You will get lots of use out of that. I also LOVE the full length nude image. I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. No way am I posing for any nudes now!:) I should have done it with baby number one (like these smart parents). Baby number three I am not feeling so sexy...;)

  16. by Drew on June 5, 2010  5:09 pm Reply

    Gorgeous Kenz! Can't wait to meet baby Grey! XOXO Drew

  17. by Stubie on June 5, 2010  5:14 pm Reply

    Kenze and Gary, we're so happy for the three of you! Love,Stuart and Drew

  18. by Anne on June 6, 2010  3:10 pm Reply

    Gary and McKenzie you did an awesome job with this photo shoot. It's clear that the love you share for each other will be an amazing gift for Grey. Can't wait to meet her, and welcome her into the family.

  19. by Johnny Vo on June 8, 2010  10:11 am Reply

    You look AMAZING!!!!! Tell Gary he doesn't look bad himself.

  20. by Ashley on June 8, 2010  2:52 pm Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! And I love the name Grey! She is going to be precious!

  21. by McKenzie on June 8, 2010  3:26 pm Reply

    Thanks for all the sweet comments guys! Areille did an amazing job and we had an amazing time doing it!!! Can't wait until little Grey gets here!

  22. by Glenn Shelley on June 8, 2010  3:31 pm Reply

    Hey Mac! You look so great, your pictures turned out wonderful. Love you!

  23. by Morgan on June 8, 2010  3:40 pm Reply

    You look soo beautiful! I can't wait to meet my sweet niece!

  24. by Brad on June 8, 2010  4:05 pm Reply

    Great photos. Can't wait to meet Grey.

  25. by susan moylan on June 8, 2010  4:34 pm Reply

    My daughter beautiful, I am so excited for you and Gary. I can't wait to meet my little Grey and love her as much as I love the both of you. GiGi

  26. by susan moylan on June 8, 2010  4:38 pm Reply

    Great pictures., as I have never seen such pics of an expecting mommy, and you look so comfortable!!! Burt

  27. by Burt Nicholson on June 8, 2010  4:41 pm Reply

    Well, I showed up on here under Susan's name, but the pictures of Gary look very nice!!!...:O)
    So glad you included him in the pictures as in the years when Grey is an expecting mom, she will really appreciate them.

  28. by Susan Moylan on June 8, 2010  4:45 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.
    Love you, Mom

  29. by Ashley Crouch on June 8, 2010  5:12 pm Reply


    These are great! You look amazing and are glowing!! I can not wait to see pictures of little Grey!!!

  30. by Lalainya on June 8, 2010  5:47 pm Reply

    They are gorgeous!!!! Love the ones of you two. Too sweet. :)

  31. by Meshell Harshbarger on June 8, 2010  5:55 pm Reply

    McKenzie, these are such amazing pictures!! As said, you have have looked beautiful throughout your entire pregnancy. Congrats to you and Gary. :)

  32. by Valory on June 8, 2010  5:59 pm Reply

    WOW! You look amazing. These photo's are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these!

  33. by Kimberly Barbee on June 8, 2010  6:59 pm Reply

    my favorites are the one with the block letters of Grey and the beautiful naked one, i love them all! very beautiful

  34. by Mel on June 8, 2010  7:00 pm Reply

    I love the one with the teal backdrop!

  35. by Jana on June 9, 2010  7:05 am Reply

    LOVE THESE McKenzie! The picture with the little gold sandals is precious. Congrats to you both! Y'all look so happy!!!

  36. by Taylor Long on June 9, 2010  1:19 pm Reply

    amazing! I am so excited for you!

  37. by Sarah on June 9, 2010  8:54 pm Reply

    McKenzie, You look absolutely beautiful! I hope you and Grey have a safe and easy birth/labor! If you need any custom made dresses or outfits, please let me know! I have some adorable patterns and would love to make her some! Good luck with everything!

  38. by Marge Lefebvre on June 10, 2010  8:59 am Reply

    Lovely pictures great job Gary! Mackenzie you look beautiful

  39. by Emily Donaldson on June 12, 2010  1:55 pm Reply

    Awesome~! I Love them all :) !!!!!! I can't wait to see Lil Grey!!!

  40. by Meaghan on June 20, 2010  9:14 am Reply

    You look amazing sister! I love you and I can't wait to see my niece!

  41. by Marisa Walters on June 21, 2010  3:59 pm Reply

    Awesome pics! You are so beautiful. Cant wait to me Grey. Love, soon to be a Great Aunt, Marisa

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