Skyler, 1 year old, already!

It really feels like just yesterday when I first met Skyler and photographed him as a newborn. Yet, today he’s learning to walk!
I know I’ve been favoring Facebook and seemed to have forgotten about my blog. I do much prefer the blog configuration, as I’m all about the images, it’s definitely here that you can see them better! However, I get instant feedback on FB, giving me the impression that I’m really sharing my pictures with an “audience”, and it’s very gratifying. I’m also exploring Pinterest, what an interesting concept! We have made so much progress in sharing with the world thanks to the internet in just these last few years, it’s mind boggling. The only downfall is that it can suck you into a time warp zone. I’ve learned to keep myself on a timer to try to fend this danger.
Today, a few images from Skyler’s first year session.

How smart of his parents to have bought this basket after his newborn session. It will be really cool for Skyler to use it later, maybe as a collenge student, and to have these pictures of him in it.

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