Skylar, Pensacola Baby Photographer

I’m so sorry I missed Skylar’s birth last summer, I would have loved to do her newborn session. I told her aunt then, that the next big photography milestone would be when she could sit on her own. Usually around 6 months. I am so happy she came into my studio last week, she was a the perfect stage, for what we like to call a “sitter session”. Infants at that age all seem to have HUGE eyes and so many extraordinary expressions. There are no inhibitions and their faces, whole body language are genuinely reflecting their little minds and feelings. That’s why I love to make a little B & W “composite board” of their many faces, mischievous, angry, puzzled, sad, happy… I had time to prepare, and have a pre consultation, so that the day of the shoot, I had several backdrops, little scenes ready to photograph Skylar and conduct a smooth session, with as many different looks as possible. Preparation is key!

Floral bonnet
sitter session
Boho session
6 months old
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flower crown
baby bonnet
milk bath
mother daughter
baby's expressions

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  1. by Ellen Sims on February 5, 2018  9:29 am Reply

    Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of Skylar. You definitely spent the time and effort preparing so we had a wonderful session. You also spent the time to capture our Skylar. It was obvious Skylar loved you. Thank you for these special photos.

  2. by Mary Taylor on February 7, 2018  8:23 pm Reply

    Her complection is so well complimented with the purple floral crown. What’s in the tub?!? She’s such a cute chunk-a-lunk ☺️

    • by Arielle on February 8, 2018  5:14 pm Reply

      It's a milk bath, sprinkled with fresh flowers....nothing but the best for my little clients:)

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