Shay, Florida Panhandle Newborn Photographer

Just 8 days new, meet sweet little Shay. I am most grateful to her aunt, Amber, for having contacted me and hired me to photograph this little angel. I met Amber at “Pensacola State College”, we were both students this past fall in a photography class. Let me brag a little about our local community college and its Visual Art Department. To date, I have taken about a dozen classes in that funny shape building at the corner of 9th Avenue and Airport Boulevard. Each instructor has been outstanding and the level of education I have received with each course was beyond my expectations. It has been so easy to join classes and so gratifying to learn new skills, go Pirates!
It is always quite an honor when a fellow photographer hires you, so I was extremely flattered when Amber asked me to photograph her niece:) And look how cute she is!

little egg

side laying

tushy up

floral crown

newborn portrait

taco pose




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