Senior Model Shoot for the graduating class of 2015

Do you remember back in March when I send out a “search” for uprising local seniors? I had in mind a very original photo shoot, involving professional make up artists and hair stylists. A page in my website had a description of the event, a link to an application form. This project has kept me VERY busy for the past 3 months. I did get a lot of applicants, and 20 were chosen to be my models. There was a lot of preparation involved to communicate my vision to them and their parents, and I am so grateful to this group for trusting me. In the end, it came together beautifully. For those who follow my FB page and Instagram, I’m sure you’ve already seen the sneak peaks. I thought I would post them here as well, and later even have the slideshows of the whole shoot. The perfect ending to this artistic project was having a big party on July 1st to reveal all the images: my 20 models invited their friends, we had pizza, brownies, a DJ, a fun photo booth (held by my friend Tim Ludvigsen) and the slideshows. I don’t express enough how much I love my job, I fell into it because it was a growing passion and just could not be contained. I kept wanting to learn more, become better in this craft, and my favorite photography field is portraits. Above all, I love photographing high school seniors and newborns. 18 is a wonderful age, and right before you head off to college, such a milestone in your life to create beautiful portraits. As a parent before your child leaves the family home and before your life, as you’ve known it since their birth, is about to change radically, it is so important to get these images. My son is about to become a Junior in high school. His birth is so vivid in my heart, I can feel and see all the details of that day, it just feels like yesterday. Yet, barely 2 more years and he’s gone, he will never live with us again… I want a beautiful life for him and know that’s how it has to be, but the thought of not seeing him everyday simply chokes me. Although he has no desire to stand in front of my camera, he knows he has it coming, I will need images of him, it will be the next best thing to having him living with us.
I love photographing newborns, because I love newborns. Every baby in this world, without exception, needs simple raw love. Caring for and loving a newborn is so simple and innate. Any baby walks in my studio and I have them in my arms and I turn into a mush of love, there is never an awkwardness. I can’t ever imagine holding, cuddling, loving instantaneously a perfect stranger at any other age. Seriously! There isn’t that instant draw, and my god! It would be totally weird if I just squealed with delight and start hugging everyone I saw (babies, children, teenagers, adults…)! But a newborn, totally normal, my maternal instincts are unleashed, there are no social barriers to connecting with a newborn. It’s natural and simple. That connection gives me peace, no matter how chaotic my life can be, when I hold a newborn their innocence floods me and nothing else matters.
The craft of photography is a never ending source of pleasure in my life, there is always someone to photograph, a beautiful image to make, an emotion to still. This project stretched my creativity, had me way out of my comfort zone, but the images created, the excitement shared with the models, their parents, and everyone involved along the way has been the best energizer ever and an immense source of joy for me.
Over a period of 2 days (June 1st and 2nd), I photographed all 20 models prepared by a crew of 10 professional make up artists and hair stylists for 5 different themes/sets. Today, I will share the first set: CIRCUS-MAGIC














Here is the list of part of our glam crew and their contact info:
Jennifer Messer/Makeup Artist 850-602-2848 cell/850438-3580 spa
Anji Gray – Hairstylist – – 850-485-8776
Millicent Beshel (850)-748-3552
Kristen Lee Saxon Cell:(850)-516-8511 Spa: (850)-438-3580
Kaytee Turley Instagram or Facebook- kayteeturley 850-485-2552
Nikki Hovanec -Hair stylist- (850) 912-8826
KaCe Boyer at Vibe inc. 850-3327859 salon 850-2814880 cell Facebook KaCe Ann Boyer
John Dye -make up artist- (850)-390-2453
“Fabadashery” played a huge part in the making of many props for this set, check out their FB page, you will be blown away by what they can make for you!

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  1. by Anji Gray on July 6, 2014  11:50 am Reply

    Amazing vision brilliantly came to life! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! Here's to many more waves!

  2. by Sheryl VandenBerg on July 7, 2014  6:39 am Reply

    Wow Arielle - you really brought this vision to life! I love the fact they look like like the old time circus photographs - made me feel like I was watching the show. Bravo!

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