They’re all back in France! And I’m sad, it was such a treat to have my family with me. But then again, I will travel there pretty soon for my early trip home to Provence. Every year, we seem to extend our visit a little longer, this time it will be a generous 6 weeks.
For today, I wanted to share some pictures of my niece, Rose, who will turn 11 in just a month. She has a natural grace about her, and has been taking dance lessons all her life. She is very talented, and is attending one of the very best “école de dance” in France. They put up a show at the end of the school year, which is astounding. Their youngest students will steal your hearts, have the crowd laughing and cheering for encores. The more advance will take your breath away. The choreography is always so elaborate, and leaves me wondering how can one remember so many steps…
On her way to the US, Rose stopped in Paris to participate in one of the highest dance competition. Her tutus stayed in her suitcase and I couldn’t resist a few pictures in her dance attire.
I am totally ready to travel around the world one day, to watch her perform in the biggest dance shows.


  1. by kathie sutton on May 6, 2009  7:21 pm Reply

    you not only have a beautiful niece, but it looks like a very talented and full of grace dancer!!! Great pics!!!

  2. by sylvie daydie on May 7, 2009  6:16 am Reply

    Ouaou trop trop beau !!! comment je peux faire pour les enregistrer dans mon ordi ?????
    Il faut absolument que tu fasse d autres photos de danseuses cet été c est un domaine ou et en france et aux states il n y a pas beaucoups de photographes et surtout pas beaucoups qui savent ce que les danseuses doivent ou ne doivent pas faire et ca fait toute la difference !!!
    je t expliquerais 2 ou 3 trucs hyper importants sur des positions et tu peux devenir "the" photographe pour les danseurs et il y a de la demande !!!!
    bizzzzzzz 1000 mercis et a tres vite ...

  3. by patsy on May 9, 2009  8:56 am Reply

    WOW, beautiful Arielle! As always!

  4. by Curtis Copeland on May 11, 2009  7:57 am Reply

    Beautiful photographs of Rose! You really captured the grace and poise of this little ballet dancer. Nice work!

  5. by Cydil on May 19, 2009  9:08 am Reply

    Absolutely love, Arielle! I love the series of three in the red dress the best!

  6. by Pierre Daydie on August 12, 2009  11:26 am Reply

    She's the most beautiful little girl in the world, chapeau bas pour les photos !

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