Paris workshop 6

A few more pictures from Montmartre and in front of the Moulin Rouge,

We bought so many tickets to each get a ride on the carousel, and take several pictures,

Our last big “field trip” was to go to Versailles, unfortunatly we discovered they have rigid rules and it would have been impossible for us to use our cameras, beside the tourist flow would have been overwhelming.  Instead we went to Maisons-Laffitte’s castle, which isn’t all that popular, although magnificient, and we had the place just about to ourselves.  It was a beautiful day, and for me very special since 12 years ago I was married to Henry in that very castle, the place was full of wonderful memories…  

Our reception dinner was in this grandiose room, our table in front of the huge mirror,

We each had 10 minutes with one of the models in the castle, again we prepared our session by practicing on other students, Chryssy ( helped me out a lot, I love this picture of her.

That evening, Scott taught us a few tricks with a secondary light, again Chryssy helped with the demonstration,

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