Paris workshop 4

Sherry and Rachel on the steps of Montmartre,

The day started with some rain and when we arrived to our destination the skies cleared, we have been very lucky with the weather through the week.

We took these close to the top, and again attracted a lot of attention among all the tourist. We stayed very conscious of pickpockets and as we took turns taking pictures we would watch each others back and never ran into any problems.

One of our assignment was to photograph each other, one challenge being dealing with non-models, how to make the subject at ease, direct a good pose, and also to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera.  It was a good exercise.
We were surrounded by beautiful architecture and sights and I felt a little disoriented to pick a good spot for taking a picture of Hassan, but he stayed very patient with me, thank you.

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