Paris workshop 3

A few more pictures from our day at the Eiffel tour,

This is the “male” group of the workshop, with Scott Robert in the front. This picture was taken after a nice dinner in a small restaurant in the quartier latin, at about 10PM, it stays bright pretty late here.

Kim Nodurft had brought with her a lens baby, and was encouraging us all to try it, this is the picture I took with it, so I’ve added the lens baby to my long wish list. I really appreciated the opportunity to try new equipment.

Leaving the Eiffel tour we found a tree alley where we continued shooting.

We spend the 3rd day around Montmartre.

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  1. by Stephen Anthony Photography on August 17, 2007  10:32 pm Reply

    wow do we look stunning in that group guy pic hahahha

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