This weather is something else! Where is the winter??? Here in Pensacola, I’m photographing babies taking a bath outdoors… Perhaps those deep in snow somewhere around the globe would gladly trade their place with us, however a little cool would be welcome, just enough to pull out of the closet our nice sweaters (weather request totally fashion motivated).
Today, I’m sharing a few images from Olivia’s session. I think her parents should start to check if Rapunzel will accept a room mate. Renee and Sean, thank you so much for coming to me all the way from Crestview Enterprise Alabama(!), it was quite an honor to photograph your beautiful little girl.


  1. by Kathy Hollonbeck on February 6, 2012  12:32 pm Reply

    What wonderful pictures and what a beautiful family. Olivia looks like such a happy baby ~ a real tribute to her parents!

  2. by Sean Kerby on February 6, 2012  12:41 pm Reply

    What a beautiful family! So photogenic!

  3. by Great Aunt Sue on February 6, 2012  2:50 pm Reply

    Loved your photos..cannot believe she is 9 months old already!! I especially loved the one with the lavender hat and those beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy each and every day with her and each other..as they go by so quickly..Jenna and David's little Zachary just turned 13!! Love you guys!!
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Pat

  4. by Abby Hollonbeck on February 6, 2012  3:35 pm Reply

    So cute and funny ! I like the (lets have a meeting) it is so cute.

  5. by Anne Mirapaul on February 6, 2012  3:46 pm Reply

    The love, the beauty, the life, the joy, the miracle, the hope, the preciousness...all of these were captured in each photo. I am nearly speechless trying to "take in" all that was displayed. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of my dear, dear loved ones...Olivia, Renee and Sean. Anne Mirapaul

  6. by Patti on February 6, 2012  3:54 pm Reply

    I adore the photo of Olivia with her Momma & her Daddy sitting on the rail. She looks very content & like she is thinking what can I do next.

  7. by Sean on February 6, 2012  6:23 pm Reply

    Great pics! Can't wait to see the rest. It was a treat working with Arielle, very professional and approachable.

  8. by Olivia's Una on February 6, 2012  6:23 pm Reply

    The second picture of Olivia in the boat captures Olivia's precious personality. She's such a doll baby. What about her ocean blue eyes! I really like the picture of Sean's, Renee's, and Olivia's expressive hands...haven't seen that done before. I must have a copy of many of these pictures, especially the one of the beautiful family.

  9. by Julia Phelps on February 6, 2012  7:45 pm Reply

    Those eyes, those cheeks...I don't know which is more adorable! I love her in the boat-tub. When can we all go on a trip and Julia be the official baby sitter?!

  10. by Katherine Ordonia on February 7, 2012  8:00 am Reply

    Loved all the photos of Olivia. Especially those of their hands & the group picture. Olivia was blessed with her mother's beautiful blue eyes and possibly her father's smile. Enjoy these photos because before you know it "Your little princess will be turning heads & out on her own before you know it." These are the precious years...enjoy the moments & thank goodness for pictures.

  11. by Jane Golden on February 7, 2012  4:39 pm Reply

    Oh my...what a precious young lady!!

  12. by Scott Nutgrass on February 8, 2012  9:47 am Reply

    Gorgeous photos! I can't pick a favorite. Those eyes,,,,,,,, those cheeks,,,,,,,,, that smile. She's a keeper!

  13. by Jill Oswalt on February 8, 2012  4:20 pm Reply

    Renee, you guys are such a beautiful family!!! I love, love, love you pictures!!! Olivia is so adorable!! I can't wait to see you guys!!! Kiss her for me!! :)

  14. by Kay Senteney on February 9, 2012  3:07 am Reply

    Oh my, the threesome pic should grace the cover of GORGEOUS FAMILY magazine! Little Olivia is beyond adorable and her fashion sense is over the top. These photos really capture her beautiful baby girl essence.

  15. by Lori Walker on February 12, 2012  1:45 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Olivia is precious and with such lovely parents, she is one special little girl!

  16. by Jenni on March 13, 2012  6:51 am Reply

    This is the cutest baby ever! These photos should be in a magazine!

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