Olivia & Alban, a wedding in France

Although on a vacation, I’m not able to put my camera down, and when I heard my father’s best friend’s daughter was getting married near Paris and we were invited… my photo mind went in full gear. I am so happy I was able to attend this beautiful event, and so thankful for the opportunity to photograph their special day along their official photographer.
I can’t begin to describe how amazing the whole affair was, from the magnificent location, a small chateau with luxurious grounds filled with rare trees, to the marvelous table, the old church, the party lasting until early morning.. It was a sacred union celebrated in a perfect elegant style, with the famous french flair.
Olivia choose a dress with clean and simple lines. The veil is a family heirloom, worn by many other brides before her.

Both, Olivia and Alban are fond of literature, and explained to me that the great Victor Hugo sat at that desk, which definitely makes it very special.

This is Ambre, she was part of the “cortège”. In France we don’t have bridesmaid or groomsmen, but a cortège of children (usually relatives), and of course witnesses (but they’re not part of the wedding party). She is such a sweet 3 year old, with a very strong little mind, and she played her role of flower girl beautifully that day.

The children’s timing, holding the veil wasn’t always synchronized to Olivia’s step, and very often it gave her a little jolt back. I love this picture, because of the moment, the tug of the children on the train of the veil is classic. I’m sure many women will recognize it and see themselves in this image.

The church was magnificent, such work of art, conveniently located for the guests just across the street from the property.

The hats were just amazing, each more original and colorful as the next. During the service I couldn’t help photographing a few of them. Here is a little sample to give you an idea. As you can see women are very serious about their hats in France. I couldn’t quite display them all here, but there was plenty more, all fascinating.

Olivia is an accomplished carriage rider, she has developed this passion early on with her friend, Magalie. It’s on Magalie’s beautiful family home that they kept their horses and trained, and it made a perfect setting for Olivia’s wedding. They chose to leave the church on Olivia’s carriage, pulled one last time by her horse, before the new couple moves to Algeria.

In this part of the world, in this time of the year, the sun sets very late. I was lucky to have a few minutes with Olivia in his nice evening light to take a couple pictures.
The image just below, on the right side, was taken a little before 6PM, and the left one, close to 9PM!

Olivia et Alban, encore merci pour m’avoir invité et laissé participer à ce très heureux evènement
I have more to post, I hope soon. I’m leaving for a workshop in London given by Scott Robert in just 2 days, and I know he will keep us busy.


  1. by Berlie Family on August 4, 2008  8:06 am Reply

    Tes photos sont proches du génie!
    Un grand merci pour ton talent, ta disponibilité, ta bonne humeur et ton enthousiasme qui se voit à travers ton objectif et dans tes commentaires!
    Très bon stage (même si nous considérons que tu n'en a vraiment pas besoin!) et de gros baisers de nous tous!

    The Berlies

  2. by scott robert lim on August 4, 2008  6:14 pm Reply

    You did such an awesome job with this wedding, it was a truly amazing place. Wow, congrats. You are definitely way above average! ahahaahah!!!

  3. by Patsy on August 7, 2008  7:21 am Reply

    WOWOWWOW!!! Beautiful my friend....are you home yet?


  4. by Alexis on August 11, 2008  12:34 pm Reply

    Vos photos sont d'une exceptionnelle qualité.
    Pour Olivia, Alban et leurs amis aussi, elles forment un souvenir intangible ! Olivia a un petit je ne sais quoi de Jacquie Kennedy !
    Merci, merci et merci encore.

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