Octavia, Pensacola area Newborn Photographer

Because of my Photography niche, newborn photography, I rarely have repeat clients. I also offer studio fine art Maternity portraits and photograph little babes when they can sit on their owns (generally 6-7 months old), but unlike family photography, & children photographers, I rarely see my clients again, newborns are quite unique in a family! This beautiful family is one of my rare repeat clients as I photographed Elliot several years ago when he was born, and boy did he grow up! Thank you so much Nicole for trusting me once more. I loved seeing you again, watch your family grow and witness all the love. You need a special photoshoot with David and tell your story… high school kids who find love so young and build a perfect little clan = the best love stories! I think your little Octavia will have the best big bros to watch over her!

potato sack


womb pose

side laying


bum up


little bed

pod chair

precious pearl in shell

pink explosion


with mom





in dad's hands

mugshotrea Newborn Photographer

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