Next Level Workshop in Paris with Scott Robert

I’m a little behind on blogging and this morning I woke up determined to not allow myself to let the day go by without catching up some. I may not write too much, because now that I’ve spend so much time on selecting and editing the pictures, there is little time left to prepare dinner, help with homework, give baths…
I’ve been a very lucky girl lately, traveling a lot, committed to improve my skills in photography. I went to Scott Robert’s workshop in London in August, and just 3 weeks later attended his next class in Paris (I just can’t resist a trip back home). Scott never ceases to impress me, he gives his students his best. He goes beyond professional and everyone who has participated in one of his workshops leaves with a “life-changing” kind of experience. There is some sort of magic, some bond that forms between all the members of the group, that I believe is the result of Scott’s “innerlight”.  Just about everyone returns, we call it to “join the Scott Robert wagon”, and he becomes our mentor.

Amber was there to learn, but lucky for us, she was also willing to be a model.  She could pose, than be in full photographer mode, and has made some beautiful images during this trip.  In fact everyone did, it is so inspiring to see everyone’s work (Scott,, should have a link with all attendees blog addresses)

Jeanna, was an other of our photographer-models

The group. We went back to the “Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte”, and spend the day inside and in the castle’s park, a photographer’s dream backdrop. This place holds a very special place in my heart as 13 years ago I was married to Henry there, hmm, it feels like yesterday…
This is at the end of the day, enjoying some delicious sandwich, and chocolates.

One the first day, we bought tickets to the double-deck buses, to do some sight seeing. The weather couldn’t have been nicer.
The Arc de Triomphe,

Lyssa, from Canada, full of energy and enthusiasm, one of the students. This workshop moved her so, when it was over she realized she had to fallow her dream, she called her boss back home, her travel agent, and arranged to attend now (just 2 weeks later) Scott’s Next level workshop in Spain!!

The Paris town house,

I think everyone recognizes one of our landmarks..

The picture on the right (Amber with her husband) was set up by Scott.

The Sacre Coeur, has a magnificent view of Paris. There are always many entertainers on the steps leading to the church, and painters on a beautiful typical “place” further up.

This guy could do neat things with his “diabolo” (sorry I don’t know the english word, it’s 2 sticks connected by a cord, on which you throw this hour glass shape thing.., I’m afraid I’m not to good at explaining this). And he had a cool glass ball trick, he could roll it over his shoulders and arms. What I liked about it is that you could see the sacre coeur in it, almost like a fortune teller crystal ball.

We were very lucky to have “Le Grand Colbert”, a famous brasserie in Paris, to ourselves a whole afternoon to shoot our models. This is where Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson reunite in Paris, in the movie: “Something’s Gotta Give”

Thanks Janna for being so patient with me that day, I hope life in England is treating you well.

Gurm and Ray set up these next 2 shots.

Shortly after we took these pictures, a voice on the speaker system reminded us to please refrain from touching the furniture and chairs… this shot was originally set up by Amber, and once I saw it on the back of a camera, I had to get one like it,

This shot was Scott’s vision, he orchestrated it. It’s a beautiful pose.

The picture on the right, of Amber in the window is also one directed by Scott,

Vanessa in the classic Paris shot,


  1. by Ray Nikyuluw on September 30, 2008  8:40 pm Reply

    Arielle!!! OMGosh...your images are stunning. I've been waiting to see your posts ....waiting was rewarded. Viewing Paris through YOUR lense is awesome. You have a wonderful feel and style to all your work. It was a pleasure to be alongside with you in Paris and I hope that there are other opportunities. Great Work! See you at the top.

  2. by Amber Hughes on October 1, 2008  8:30 am Reply

    Your images from Paris are breathtaking Arielle! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the shots you did of myself and Bryn... amazing work throughout!

    It was a pleasure meeting you in Paris and hopefully something we'll repeat again as we both follow the Scott train around the world! ;)

  3. by syl daydie on October 20, 2008  7:02 am Reply

    elle sont toutes tres belles particulierement la lumiere j aime bcp la photo au pied du sacre coeur avec un homme qui a une boule de verre a travers laquelle on voit le sacre coeur a l envers, c est d une precision etonnante !
    Les bebes sont aussi parfait car ils sont vivant et tres vrai !
    Londres aussi donne envie d y aller, toujours la lumiere, et venise, avec ce ciel bleu roi, c est tres theatral !!!
    C est magnifique, on en veut encore, il faut aller partout dans le monde pour capturer tout ca ! Moi, je dis BRAVO

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