Newborn session/Pensacola

It is a great honor to be chosen by a local wonderful OBGYN to photograph her first baby. As some of you may know, OBGYN was my first dream job (before photography), it is what I trained for in France before I met my husband and moved to America. I went into Med School at Paris
“Cochin ecole de medecine” straight after high school. We do things a little differently there and don’t have college, but med school is 6 years, and then you train for your specialty (like you do in the US). However, I absolutely love my newborn photographer job, it has allowed me to be at home with my children and that has been above all my greatest job and mission!
Look how sweet little Charles is!

potato pose

newborn portrait

wrapped baby

baby bowl

baby nest

 baby in a bucket

egg wrap baby

little angel

newborn portrait

mommy and me



knitted romper

baby chair

taco baby

knitting for babies

baby bed

baby chin

baby in hands

black and white image

black and white portrait

facial expressionNewborn session

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