Mr and Mrs Taylor

I know Gabriel and Brittany, their families and friends are all impatient to see the wedding pictures. It was a beautiful day, perfect for the celebration of a lifetime commitment between this loving couple. They wanted to savor the moment, enjoy their guests, the reception, and chose to meet prior to the ceremony, which allowed us for plenty of time to photograph them and the wedding party. My good friends, Dorene and Tim were there with me, so it was a team of 3 photographers for a full coverage of their special day.
The day began at the in style hair salon downtown, for Brittany and her bridesmaid. Their make up and hair looked stunning.

The beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets came from the amazing crew at Celebrations.

When Brittany speaks or thinks of Gabriel her face lights up to this radiant smile,

I’ll just say what the rest of the world thinks, Brittany, you are simply gorgeous!

Meanwhile, Tim was hanging with the guys and got some awesome shots of Gabriel,

Brittany’s mom, Brenda, wanted to be sure I would capture Gabriels’ expression when he first saw his bride in her gown, walking down the aisle. But as the doors opened, with her groom waiting down the aisle, the reality of the day took hold of Brittany, the butterflies in her belly stirring around, she walked to Gabriel, living the moment.

I think Gabriel is thanking his lucky stars, he knows the women that make his heart thump, is coming towards him. Anticipation is building up…

First look,

They had us all chocked up, this moment in this very special day is just so emotional.

Fabulous Brittany,

The ceremony was held in the chapel of the first Baptist church,

The wedding cast,

It was so hot that day, I didn’t want the wedding party to get uncomfortable outside. I was hoping to give them some cool air between pictures. We went downtown and were so graciously refreshed with fuzzy lemonades by the staff of Jackson’s.

Brittany’s dad couldn’t wait to see his daughter in her dress,

When the church was filled by their friends and family, when the doors opened and Brittany escorted by her father walked down the aisle, the reality of the day took hold of Gabriel,

Everyone danced the night away,

Brittany’s grand father caught the garter,

Madly in love, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor,


  1. by Jessie Thompson on October 24, 2009  10:56 am Reply

    Great! I have many favorites, but the two that stick out are the one where the wedding party is crossing the street (clever), and the one with the bride in front of the stained glass window. That was so well-done and beautiful and a classic for her to love for a lifetime! Great job capturing the beauty and emotions of this couple. I actually got teary-eyed looking at their first look images!:)

  2. by Ray Nikyuluw on October 25, 2009  6:43 pm Reply

    Great Coverage Arielle! I LOVE LOVE LOVE image 22 (bride facing stained glass window, back towards the viewer).

  3. by Kim Hibbard on October 26, 2009  7:31 am Reply

    All I can say is "Wow". I really love the outside pictures of the wedding party, the bridesmaid's dresses against the natural beauty outside are so vivid. Brittany is beautiful too, but I guess we all know that.

  4. by Carla LeBlanc on October 26, 2009  7:34 am Reply

    Brittany is absolutely beautiful and the grooms expression that was captured when he seen her coming was priceless. I love all the photos. My favorite are the ones caught by suprise and the ones on the stairway. Beautifully done.

  5. by Heidi on October 26, 2009  7:34 am Reply

    These are the MOST beautiful wedding pictures I have EVER seen!!!! Probably because the bride is so stunning!!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to share this special day with you Britt! Awesome job Arielle, nice meeting you!

  6. by Sarah Engle on October 26, 2009  7:48 am Reply

    I love the pictures!!!! You just as amazing as I remember. I wish we could go back to that day. :)

  7. by Whitney on October 26, 2009  9:05 am Reply

    Oh my gosh Arielle!

    These are absolutely fabulous! I am so impressed. You truly have a talent for photography. I love how vivid the colors are. I think that my favorite is the one of Britt in front of the stained glass window, fabulous!

  8. by Pam Melder on October 26, 2009  9:26 am Reply

    I love these, Brittany, especially the one of you in front of the stained glass window, the American Gothic pic and the picture of ya'll with the veil over your faces. Beautiful!

  9. by Carrie Meredith on October 26, 2009  10:04 am Reply

    They are all FABULOUS!!!!! :) I like all of them..They are both photogenic,a dn you caught the beauty of both.
    I love candid shots, so the one where Brittany first saw Gabe is BEST!!!

  10. by patsy on November 5, 2009  1:40 pm Reply


  11. by Brenda on November 10, 2009  8:53 am Reply

    No doubt these are the MOST BEAUTIFUL pictures and the MOST BEAUTIFUL couple in the entire universe! The Wedding Day was wonderful from beginning to end... I sent this link to tons of my friends who have written me with thier incredible comments for Brittany and Gabe and also for Arielle. I'm so glad we have these pictures on the blog to share, but I just can't wait until we get to see all of the pictures!!!

  12. by Jacque on November 20, 2009  5:39 am Reply

    These are great pictures.

  13. by Mary Taylor on January 3, 2010  10:42 pm Reply

    Arielle. I'm just seeing these pics! They all look absolutely gorgeous! You did an outstanding job :)

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