Milani Dior, Orange Beach Photographer

15 days old the day of her session, and little Miss Milani Dior was a champion model! I am so grateful for her parents to have driven from Orange Beach for their baby’s pictures. I know that life becomes a little hectic once you add a tiny human into your home. It somehow becomes a miracle when you manage to squeeze in a shower in your busy day of snuggle and feedings. Driving an hour away for a photoshoot demands a lot of effort and I’m so glad Janet and Marcus did it. They will have forever beautiful memories of their little girl when she was so tiny. Everyone will tell you how fast they grow, how the minutes can feel like a lifetime, but yet the years pass like seconds. It’s true! As cliche as it sounds, images will just freeze time for you and you will cherish these pictures down the road and never regret having taken the time for them.

feather nest

bucket & bonnet

bucket & Pimpkin

chair pod & heart

angel wings

mom and baby

parents and baby

dad and baby

baby on bean bag

baby close up

baby on his side

froggy pose

taco pose


baby in hands

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