Michelle & André

I had so much fun taking these pictures.  What a sweet couple and man, are they in love!

They were so easy to photograph, being so happy together, they have a permanent smile on their faces. They couldn’t stop laughing..
I did just take this picture a couple of weeks ago, and it’s all green here, but it’s also getting hot in Florida and I can’t help wishing for the gentle fall breeze, so I modified this picture to a fall foliage.

When Michelle looks at her fiance, her eyes sparkle, she radiates joy.

They told me how Andre proposed, he had a friend of Michelle help him set up his plan: she called Michelle to meet her at her family’s restaurant where Andre walked in (in the full of people restaurant), with a boom box on his shoulder playing their song, some roses and an engagement ring, and proposed in front of the crowd…

I asked Michelle to whisper something in Andre’s ear. At first he had a gentle expression, then his smile expanded, and he declared it may be time for them to go home…

My favorite, I think it’s both of their expression, and the soft focus that gives energy and movement to the image.


  1. by Michelle Grier on June 15, 2008  4:58 pm Reply

    WOW!!!!! We can't express to you just how happy we are with the exceptional quality of your work. You create magic with your camera! You definitely have a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing just the right moment. Andre' and I simlply LOVE all of the pictures you selected for this blog post and we can't wait to share these pictures with our friends and family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're the BEST!!!! See you on November 15 for the BIG DAY!
    Michelle and Andre'

  2. by Zahrain St. Jean on June 15, 2008  5:56 pm Reply

    Wow, you all look amazingly "into" each other!
    These are a perfect foreshadowing of your future lifetime together.
    I love these pics!

  3. by Rochelle McLean on June 15, 2008  5:56 pm Reply

    Hi Michelle:
    Once again, congratulations! I love your pictures. You both look so happy and in love. I love it!!! I can't wait for the wedding. I will be in Jacksonville and I make sure everyone has my new address. Love~~~Soror Rochelle McLean

  4. by Christine Nixon on June 15, 2008  7:29 pm Reply

    Michelle and Andre,
    What special photographs for a very special couple! As the 22nd Southern Regional Director of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I am very happy to see the expressions of love and happiness on the face of my soror, the Special Assistant to the Regional Director, Michelle Grier, and her husband-to-be, Andre. Many blessings to both of you!

  5. by Linda Green on June 15, 2008  9:13 pm Reply

    What beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love them. Michelle, you are a very special person. You are so giving and caring. You deserve the very best and with Andre you have the very best. The two of you make a beautiful couple. The two of you radiate the love you have for each other in every aspect. I love you both.

  6. by Pastor and Sis. Crutcher on June 15, 2008  10:22 pm Reply

    These pictures are precious and beautifyl, the two of you look like a couple in love and willing to share who you are, what you are, and what you shall be with each other. The memories of these picture will make wonderful conversation with your children and Grandchildren. May God blessings be upon you and your Love.

  7. by Shawn D. Haynes on June 16, 2008  7:56 am Reply

    I'm so happy that you have everything that your heart desired.

  8. by Terrevia Duncan on June 16, 2008  8:08 am Reply

    Wow... true love looks beautiful. Congratulations Soror! Can't wait to share in your joy.

  9. by Suzanne Bush on June 16, 2008  9:02 am Reply

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I wish you great happiness.

  10. by Vin Durant on June 16, 2008  9:03 am Reply

    Michelle and Andre,

    These are pictures that exemplifies how much two people care for one another. So, as you move on to the next phase of your relationship just remember the three C's ( Commitment, Caring and Compromise ). You guys are a lovely couple and I wish you the best.

  11. by Sandra Nevels on June 16, 2008  9:26 am Reply

    What a blessing I have been given to be able to share with you this time in your life. You are such a beautiful couple inside and out.

  12. by Leslie Hunter-Huff on June 16, 2008  9:51 am Reply

    Oh My.......My eyes began to water just viewing the first picture. To find a soul mate, friend, lover, and especially one who loves God is truly an amazing blessing. I have seen Andre bring soooo much life and happiness to Michelle and I know that they are really in love. To have a peaceful loving marriage is hard work, but remember God's Word and obey it and things will always work out.
    I love you both,
    Leslie......and Baby Huff who I hope will allow me to witness this joyous occasion. :-)

  13. by Kimberly Wesley on June 16, 2008  9:53 am Reply

    Congratulations to you both! You look so happy together and I am thrilled that you've found your prince, Michelle. I can see that you two will have a lifetime of love together & Andre, I am looking forward to meeitng you!

  14. by Tracy Johnson on June 16, 2008  10:16 am Reply

    Michelle and Andre',
    Your photos are simply beautiful. I especially love the one where you are holding Andre's face in the palm of your hands and falling back with laughter. That special moment will forever be captured it time.

    Michelle, I must say that I have observed you over the years and I know that whatever you do, you give it your all, your best; your heart is in it. With Andre, I know that that has and that will intensify as the love you share grows as one. I pray God's Favor upon you & Andre' and wish you all the joy and blessings anyone could ever hope for. I love you.

    Soror Tracy Johnson

  15. by Ardetha on June 16, 2008  10:35 am Reply

    So.........Amazing................. I am so very happy for you both! May God continue to abundantly bless you and Andre' as you embark upon this sacred journey. May wisdom, patience, and need I say............... love and humor abound!

  16. by Rick Gray on June 16, 2008  11:16 am Reply

    Andre, thank you for sharing these photos--they are fantastic! I hope to meet Michelle sometime. She is beautiful. You both look so happy and the love radiates from both of you. I have never seen you look so happy--I guess this is your "happy face". You are a beautiful couple. You are always invited to visit us in Savannah. When I get back to the Gulf Coast, perhaps we can visit.

  17. by Rene Cole on June 16, 2008  11:17 am Reply

    From the look in both of your eye's one can tell God has blessed this relationship.

  18. by Jeannie Dick on June 16, 2008  11:34 am Reply

    To the photographer - you are magnificent.
    To Andre and Michelle - no one could look at this pictures without getting a warm feeling and a smile on their face. You are both so beatiful - radiant really. Love each other this way for the rest of your lives. Bless you.


  19. by Patsy on June 16, 2008  11:35 am Reply

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! These images on the blog are simply stunning!!! I just love them!!!

  20. by Michael Diggs on June 16, 2008  11:36 am Reply

    First of all congratulations! Seeing true love at work is an amazing thing, so I wish you every joy! These are gorgeous pictures and I think we’re going to have to come up with a new word that describes blissful and happiness on a human face because that’s definitely what I see, perhaps blissiness, lol. Continued Blessings! :-)

  21. by Bettie Bonner Washington on June 16, 2008  11:40 am Reply

    My Daughter Michelle and (soon to be) Son-in law Andre,
    Words can't express the happiness and joy that the two of you exhibit in these beautiful engagement pictures!! God has blessed both of you with each other.
    When I came over to your house and viewed your pictures this past Sunday (June 15), I left there thinking WOW!! A PICTURE IS TRULY WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!! (Arielle, you did a fantastic job!!)
    I love both of you very much, and I know that your marriage is one that is/will be "made in heaven". Wedding bells are going to ring!! I know that the two of you are looking forward to November 15. And remember what I told you about the number "8". God expresses the number "8" for new beginnings. So here in 2008...A BLESSED NEW BEGINNING FOR YOU.. .MICHELLE AND ANDRE.
    With much love always,

  22. by Audra Thompson on June 16, 2008  11:58 am Reply

    Andre, Michelle is stunning! Michelle, Andre is genuine and true (he has found happiness in you). To quote a biblical saying "He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord". Congratulations Andre, the blessings of the Lord are manifesting in your life, because not only does your chosen mate have outward beauty but the beauty within is emanating from the both of you in these photos. Take care of the love that is displayed in these memorable photos; and as the time approaches, "let no man set asunder". I LOVE YOU BOTH. Thanks for sharing.

  23. by Tammy on June 16, 2008  12:24 pm Reply

    Wow........words can not express, but pictures capture it all. I am so very happy for the both of you!

  24. by Bonnie on June 16, 2008  12:30 pm Reply

    Great Photos!!!!! Michelle it was a wonderful pleasure to meet you at Senior Prom.
    Prayers for years of love, happiness and laughter,
    Bonnie Boyd (Fortier)

  25. by Kelvin and Shakita Sherman on June 16, 2008  1:00 pm Reply

    Congratulations Michelle and Andre! We are so very excited for you!!! The pictures are absolutely stunning and you both look so very happy! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness...God Bless you and your families. Love to you both!

  26. by michelle page on June 16, 2008  1:23 pm Reply

    Congratulations guys! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I wish you both the many blessings of a marriage filled with love!

  27. by Thad and Carolan on June 16, 2008  1:28 pm Reply

    Congrats Michelle and Andre. We love the photos and wish you two much happiness in marriage. We're celebrating our 30th anniversary three days after your wedding; perhaps one day we'll celebrate anniversaries together -- start counting!

  28. by Erika Rivera on June 16, 2008  1:45 pm Reply

    Arielle- Great Job!
    Cant wait to see you both!

  29. by Syntoria Spencer on June 16, 2008  2:24 pm Reply

    Congratulations Michelle and Andre!! It was truly a pleasure viewing these absolutely gorgeous and loving pictures which shows two individuals sharing the most important gift of God ~ LIFE. I love you both.

  30. by Thkisha Sanogo on June 16, 2008  7:37 pm Reply

    Michelle and Andre what beautiful pictures. like Leslie, I too teared up with I saw you guys showing true effection for one another. Patient is truly a virtue. I thank God for allowing you guys to be patients for one another. I can't wait until the wedding

  31. by Angel Jenkins on June 16, 2008  7:46 pm Reply

    Michelle and Andre congratulations. Beautiful photos that display a beautiful love. Once upon a time you met
    and shared much love and laughter, may your engagement continue the fairy tale .......Happy Ever After.

    Many Blessings

  32. by Kelli Wells on June 16, 2008  9:57 pm Reply

    Incredible. Your pictures are over the top! Clearly, Andre, you are worth Michelle's wait. May God continue to strengthen your bond. Marcus and I are looking forward to November.

    Kelli Wells

  33. by Marcus D Catchings on June 16, 2008  10:16 pm Reply

    Sis, May the lord, continue to bless this union. Love, Marcus!

  34. by Katrena Eldridge on June 17, 2008  7:30 am Reply

    Michelle and Andre', Congratulations on your engagement. These pictures are beautiful, they are full of love and happiness and joy. Both of you are abundantly blessed to have found each other, may God Bless you both............Blessings, Katrena

  35. by Joanna Banks-Morgan on June 17, 2008  10:14 am Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite if I had to...

  36. by Mershun Deas on June 17, 2008  12:21 pm Reply

    Michelle and Andre',

    Congratulations on your engagement! What beautiful pictures...they speak huge volumes of the love you guys have for each other.

    Again, Congratulations!!!

    Mershun :-)

  37. by Andre & Laura Ragin on June 17, 2008  12:36 pm Reply

    It is so amazing to see the love that you share for one another. We are excited that the two of you found each other. Patience...when you are patient and let God have control, look at the possibilities. Rememeber the feelings and the love you shared the day these beautiful pictures were taken and the love you will express on November 15th....Remember...

  38. by Laura on June 17, 2008  2:14 pm Reply

    What a GREAT looking couple. Lots of love, Lots of happiness, Lots of work.

  39. by Rhonda Ryder on June 17, 2008  3:07 pm Reply


    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. I will have to agree with Rick, I have never seen you look so happy. You two make a beautiful couple. I am so happy that you found "that special someone." The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I hope to meet Michelle someday and if you two decide you would like to visit Miami, give Dana and I a call.



  40. by "Dr. Bob" Wilson on June 17, 2008  11:59 pm Reply


    This co-directorship with you since 2002 has been the pinnacle of my medical career. Not only have we enjoyed a Director/Resident association, we've also enjoyed an academic one as well that just seamlessly evolved over time.

    .....and our friendship has flourished and my paternalistic nature has also been evident. It's almost like having a daughter to observe as you have received award after award and your practice has grown and you've established an abiding presence in the medical community of Pensacola that is recognized in Tallahassee and beyond as our FSU students are beginning to establish themselves all over the map.

    Spending the amount of time with one another this co-directorship has required has allowed me to really know you and to appreciate your love of family, for your patients and for your staff, and for your community, your sorority, your country, your church and your Lord. And now when "Mr. Right" has come into your life it is absolutely obvious to even the most casual observer both in photo images and in real life that your love for Andre and he for you is real, permanent and God-ordained.

    I truly love the photos that are captivating. I also love you and Andre and treasure our friendship and our professional association.

    Congratulations and may God continue to bless you.
    Dr. Bob

  41. by stephanie salas on June 18, 2008  10:35 am Reply

    Hi Michelle. Very nice pictures of you and and Andre. Very natural poses. Wish you both God's blessings.

    Stephanie Salas

  42. by Dr. Kelvin R. Bray on June 18, 2008  5:58 pm Reply

    Nice pics! Nice Smile! Nice rock! God bless both of you!
    Dr. K.R. Bray

  43. by Joketra on June 19, 2008  9:19 am Reply

    Praise God! The both of you definitely radiant! I am so happy for the both of you and pray that you two will keep that sparkle going for many, many years. Cuddles to the photography, she is extraordinary. If this is a taste of what lies ahead, then the best is definitely yet to come. Thanks for sharing these with me. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help keep this love alive and flowing.

  44. by Tara Gonzales on June 19, 2008  10:25 am Reply

    You guys look so happy! I hope you 2 keep that same glimmer in your eye. Keep on loving each other

  45. by Gail Johnson on June 19, 2008  11:24 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, glad you decided to wear your hair down.

  46. by Ebony on June 20, 2008  1:23 pm Reply

    The pictures are beautiful!! I see the two of you couldn't stop laughing. I wish you both the best in the years to come. May GOD keep on Bessing YOU.

  47. by The ED Crew At Singing River Hospital on June 22, 2008  7:07 am Reply


    After all of your nights of doing cip assessments at Singing River Hospital, you've finally found happiness. Congratulations! We wish you all the love and happiness that a union can bring.

  48. by Eletha Harris on June 23, 2008  5:03 pm Reply

    I am so happy for you both can't wait to see you guys in July at WeBeGrubbin 2008.

  49. by chester on June 23, 2008  8:24 pm Reply

    Happiness has finally found you and it is obvious that it was worth the wait.

  50. by Mary (Zaremba) Burns on June 23, 2008  9:01 pm Reply

    Andre and Michelle:

    Congrats on your engagement!!!

    To love and be loved are two of the greatest blessings God gives us!

    Andre, my dear old friend, I am so glad your wonderful personality, gentle nature, and smile were captured in these pictures forever. They are simply stunning! Your bride-to-be is a beautiful woman! Michelle, you're simply glowing!

    May God continue to bless you two with a long wonderful life together!

    Congrats, Many Blessings, Much Love and Happiness Forever:
    Mary and Robby Burns

  51. by RENITA & AMORIA on June 23, 2008  11:38 pm Reply

    WOW!!!!! AWESOME JOB! I am so happy for you both. I am blessed to know you and so is my daughter. You both give me the hope that if you believe that love is out there for you then it will come. I am encouraged through you. God is in the process of working things in your favor every dream and every desire that you have in your hearts it will come true. I congratulate you both and look forward to sharing in your joy.

  52. by Melissa :) on June 24, 2008  9:08 am Reply

    The pictures are beautiful! Treasure them and the love you have for each other! :)Melissa

  53. by Cynthia L. Trotter (NGSB) on June 25, 2008  2:36 pm Reply

    Amazing!! This look like a fairy tale couple in the magazines... All I can say is WOW!!! Love them... May God prosper on the two of your lives.. Always keep him first in all you do and pray together and the sky's the limit. Always keep the communications line open and talk through things and you will stay as that (1) - Where forth God had put together let NO man tear it apart! Thank you for sharing!!

    Pray daily, Laugh often, Smile, and always have FUN!!!

    Cynthia L. Trotter

  54. by Jai Jackson on June 25, 2008  4:05 pm Reply

    Andre, I am so happy for you. Michelle and you make a lovely couple. My sister got a chance to meet Michelle at the Senior Citizens Prom and thought she was delightful. I pray nothing but God's blessings on your upcoming union and life together. You will be missed.

  55. by Zadie Rogers on June 26, 2008  8:36 am Reply

    Andre, I am elated for you and Michelle. You appear to be a match made in heaven. Many blessings on you upcoming wedding.

  56. by Leigh Ann Keady on June 27, 2008  5:58 am Reply

    These are such beautiful pictures! Not only because of the art behind them but the art you and Michelle create being in them with so much love and admiration to amplify it. We wish you all the best, many beautiful blessings and heartfelt congratulations!!

    All our love,
    Leigh Ann, Sean and Jack Keady

  57. by Doris Brown on June 30, 2008  10:27 am Reply

    Andre and Michelle, Congratulations!!!!!! Andre' I am so happy for you. I've known you for quite some time and I now that it was your heart's desire to meet some one special. I am so happy for you. You two look like a match made in heaven. The pictures are wonderful!! May God continue to shine on the two of you and I hope that those smiles last a lifetime. God Bless You and Lots Of Luck!!

  58. by Barbara & Richard Aleem on June 30, 2008  1:37 pm Reply

    It is a true blessing to find that special someone..... Michelle and Andre' these pictures confirm just how truly blessed you both are.
    Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes on your new journey.

    From your aunt and uncle, Hugs and Kisses!!!!

  59. by Carol Butler on July 11, 2008  3:53 am Reply

    Blessings to you, my cuz. I wish both of you the very best life has to offer. You deserve it. Love, your cuz

  60. by Marcel & CarlaDavis on July 17, 2008  11:32 am Reply

    What a blessing...you are such a beautiful couple. We are very happy for you and may your love for each continue to grow each day and forever.

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