Michelle & Andre

Long awaited preview of the sweetest most in love couple ever! Thank you so much for being patient with me. Michelle and her bridesmaid decided to leave the house for the boys, and they chose to get ready in the residence Inn. The make up ladies were fabulous.

Andre, modern man, send a happy little text to his bride.

The guys, very laid back…

The Groom’s party,

Michelle with her mother, and some of the bridesmaids,

Michelle just radiates, she’s so happy and in love. She carried all day this beautiful glow, and I suspect she’s always like that around Andre.

The ceremony was held in the First Baptist Church of Warrington,

Our handsome groom, just a few minutes before the wedding,

The very efficient wedding planner, Angela Mc Millan, was also in charge of the flowers and all the decorations,

This was such a fun group to photograph,

On their way to the reception, married…

THe reception was held in the Mustin Beach Officer’s Club.

There was lots of dancing and partying!

Michelle belongs to the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, and all her sisters sang a traditional song around her. It was very moving.

Michelle and Andre I wish you the best life, many babies. You make a beautiful loving couple and I’m sure will be wonderful parents. Thank you so much for having me be part of your special day.

On their way to a fun honey moon to Disney World,

The most awesome couple was in charge of the Videography from Diva Productions (Panama city). They are so talented and easy to work with. As usual, with me, my very extraordinaire friend, Dorene Nash.


  1. by Michelle and Andre' Hall on December 20, 2008  5:06 pm Reply

    WOW!!! You have simply outdone yourself. We are SOOO grateful for all of the time and hard work you put into capturing our very special day. These pictures are worth more than a thousand words can ever express! Years from now, we will look back at our pictures and be able to relive every beautiful moment of our fairytale wedding. God has certainly been in the blessing business for us. He not only blessed us with each other and the love and support of many friends and family members, but also with the most talented, compassionate, energetic, and fun-loving photographer there is. You don't just take pictures, you create art! Thank you a million times over. We'll be calling you when we need you to take those baby pictures for us (smile)! What a wonderful Christmas gift this has been.....We'll be sharing them with many friends and family. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

    Lots of love,
    Michelle and Andre' Hall

  2. by Bettie Bonner Washington (Mother) on December 20, 2008  6:05 pm Reply

    In viewing these pictures, the beautiful wedding of Michelle and Andre just "occurred" again!! The pictures are so "story-telling" of the the wedding event. The same joy, the same tears, the same feeling of the November 15th wedding day excitement was what I felt when I looked at these pictures. Arielle....great pictures!! Michelle and Andre. your love for each other is engrained in every picture, and I know that it is also etched in your hearts. May you both be blessed ALWAYS in ALL WAYS!!

  3. by Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm on December 20, 2008  7:48 pm Reply

    WOW! Those are fantastic! I love the ones of him in front of that brick. You are amazingly talented, and I love your blog header image, how fun!

  4. by Ray Nikyuluw on December 21, 2008  3:16 pm Reply

    Beautiful Arielle! Just Beautiful. You are really finding YOUR zone and style when it comes to a wedding shoot. You've captured some wonderful moments. Technical excellence. It is fitting that your clients are thrilled and they should tell all their friends and family to make you their photographer.

    Great work. Congrats on a great shoot! Oh and Merry Christmas.

  5. by Ardetha (bridesmaid) on December 22, 2008  7:26 am Reply


    You really captured the special moments and true essence of Michelle and Andre's wedding day. The effort, optimisim, creativtiy, and staminia you and your team put into my this special day, is evident in the photos and commentary. Even the bridesmaids shots that I know were choreographed ;-), looks completely natural and spontaneous.

    These photos are a wonder reminder of Nov. 15th and a great way to bring the wedding to friends and family who could not be present. Great job!

    Many blessing to you, your family, and staff on future endeavors. Merry Christmas,


  6. by Leslie Hunter-Huff on December 22, 2008  5:28 pm Reply

    These photos are absolutely beautiful.......... breathtaking. Arielle, you have a true gift for capturing raw emotions then presenting them so elegantly. It was exciting to remember that sweet day. I'm overjoyed about the love Mr. & Mrs. Hall have for one another. Viewing their pics reminds me of why I got married and to always cherish the times with those you love. You've convinced me, I've got your number and will be calling soon to make an appointment for my family's photos.

  7. by Patsy on December 22, 2008  11:26 pm Reply

    You go girl!!! VERY well done my sweet friend.

  8. by Karen Bonner (Relative) on December 29, 2008  8:34 am Reply

    Arielle, These photos are awesome. Though Michelle and Andre are two beautiful people, you captured their inner love for each other and for life. They were not posed, stiff pictures like we’re use to seeing; they were animated, fun, sassy and lively. I’ve never been married but if the Lord finally sends me a husband, I want you there to capture the moments. To Michelle and Andre: What a beautiful day I shall never forget. My God truly bless you to be as one!

  9. by Tammy on January 5, 2009  2:29 pm Reply

    Oh my God! You both look sooooooooo happy ...... I pray for great things for you both!

  10. by Joanna Banks-Morgan on January 8, 2009  6:09 pm Reply

    Arielle, besides being one of the most gracious photographers we've had the pleasure to work with, you are - by far - one of the most talented. Michelle & Andre are a wonderful couple and you really captured their joy and love for one another! I honestly can't pick a favorite photo from these! Happy New Year - Joanna

  11. by Lyssa on January 10, 2009  12:54 pm Reply

    I had missed that shoot Arielle this is ABSOLUTELY a georgous wedding ....I agree with Ray I see a trend in your style it is beautiful.. I have to admitt that I have a few favorites.... ... The limo shot WOW...


  12. by Cindy Harden on January 12, 2009  9:26 am Reply

    Wow!!! This was an absoutely beautiful wedding....Michelle you look so happy!!! I love it!!! Congratulations and best wishes in the future for you and Andre!

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