Meliana, baby Luna photographed in Pensacola, Florida

It is truly an honor to photograph a new baby shortly after their entrance into our world. Melanie told me I was one of the very few people who had held her daughter, Meliana. It’s hard right after birth to trust a complete stranger to hold and position your baby in odd props, this new baby means the world to you, and curiously we turn into mother bear right as she/he takes his first breath. That’s one of the reasons I always encourage potential clients to come meet me prior to their session, so they can see my studio space, choose their props, and get to know me a little. The best is when we start with a maternity session! As we did with Melanie:) While creating these images of you expecting we will have plenty of time to become fast friends. I strive to create unique and custom images for each of my clients. The better I get to know you before, the more I can achieve this. I want each image to be significant to you, each to tug at your heart. Melanie planned Meliana’s session carefully and even Victor had a special request: have a moon themed image as an homage to his name “Luna”. I had just enough time to craft this little wooden moon and scene:)

Newborn in a wreath

Newborn as a butterfly

little princess

moon baby

baby's profile

mom and Baby

Dad and baby

Newborn in basket

Parent pose with newborn

newborn wrapped up

newborn in daddy's hands

newborn in parent's hands

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