Melanie, Pensacola Maternity Photographer

15 years ago, I was very pregnant with my daughter Olivia. Under the pretext that I was “eating for 2” I gladly ate all that my heart desired. I was vaguely aware that I hadn’t just developed a lovely bump, but that all my body had follow suit growing… a lot! Those were the days of “simply delicious” and lunches at “our place”, does anyone remember those?
I really wanted a keepsake of my belly, just my belly. I had the genius idea to ask Henry, my husband, to photograph me in a bubble bath. I’ll post the resulting picture here, along with Melanie’s images. It’s like one of those funny pictures you would see on social media “what I think I look like versus what I really look like”. The bubble bath image has evolved into a milk bath, with slices of citrus, a nice lace gown, good light (we used a point and shoot camera with a flash for my maternity picture)… a nice improvement:)

maternity gown

tulle maternity gown

voile maternity

belly picture

milk bath

fruit milk bath

maternity reflection

This is my only “body maternity” picture for my 3 pregnancies, I definitely cherish it for the memory. However…, well you tell me which would you like to have?

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  1. by Mary Taylor on May 25, 2018  9:11 pm Reply

    You captured Melanie’s beauty perfectly. I love all of the gorgeous dresses! I want to know how her hair still looks flawless in the tub.
    I think materinity photos are more of a modern thing. There weren’t the same resources 15 years ago. BUT, pregnancy is a beautiful thing because you are the wrapping to a precious gift from above. You’re a gorgeous mother Arielle, from your appearance to the qualities you have instilled in your children.

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