Max & Dax, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

I always offer to my clients a payment plan and I leave the scheduling of the deposits (and their amounts) up to them. Lauryn and Ryan are the first client who came to see me early in the pregnancy and made gradual payments so that by the time I photographed their babies they were all done purchasing the collection they wanted. I have no doubt they will handle raising twins like pros! Their organization skills and team work are very impressive. I might secretly be a little envious:)
Max and Dax were born a little early and I couldn’t photograph them until they were nearly 2 months old. Despite being “old” (for a newborn session) they were little model champs. I found that, like most twins, they love to cuddle and settled when together.


tree of life

family pic

basket of succulents

milk drunk


in parent's hands

mug shot

mug shot

the pose



the pose



Montana bed

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