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  1. by Christine Baehr on April 12, 2012  7:07 am Reply

    Such a natural beauty!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. by Amy on April 12, 2012  7:49 am Reply

    GORGEOUS!!!! Marisa, you look absolutely stunning! I love these photos.

  3. by Wanda Ryskal on April 12, 2012  7:51 am Reply

    Stunning eyes and gorgeous smile!

  4. by Luz Dimarco on April 12, 2012  8:04 am Reply

    Incredible... bella.... Stunning. Truly inspirational!

  5. by Sarah DiMarco on April 12, 2012  9:05 am Reply

    The eyes are electrifying! The overall look is stunning, and she is a unique beauty!!

  6. by Julianna Kuhn on April 12, 2012  9:07 am Reply

    Your eyes are always pretty , but these pictures really make them pop!! I love these photos : )

  7. by Marisa on April 12, 2012  9:10 am Reply

    Arielle- Thank you for such a great experience!!!! My husband is loving these sheet pictures :-)

  8. by Sherrod Sturrock on April 13, 2012  3:51 pm Reply

    Marisa, you are beautiful - inside and out, as my grandma would say.

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