Maggie & Saylor

Happy new year to all! Christmas happened in a whirlwind for us, we have been under construction for most of 2010, and just a couple days before the grand holiday, when our company was arriving, we were putting the final touches to our guest house. I have been overwhelmed by the process, it kept me very busy with little time left for my photography… back on track now. First post this year will be to share my top favorite subjects, new borns, twins! double the fun!
A very special family too, Rae and Wes Leytham, super talented wedding photographer in the area and surroundings with their adorable daughter Avery, and 3 weeks old babies. It was rather a quick session, but I would have gladly photograph these two angels all day. They couldn’t have been sweeter, and Rae took all pressure off by saying after the first pose, that it alone was enough to make it a success session. Uncle Patsy, the other amazing Pensacola wedding photographer, has been even more impatient than the parents to see these pictures… Since I love you so much Patsy, I didn’t want to make you wait any longer.



I’ve done some damage on Etsy lately…, this adorable hat came from: “MadAboutColour”

This super cute hat came with a matching diaper cover, from “MitziKnitz” on Etsy,

Seriously? Aren’t they just the cutest babies ever?

One of these headbands came from “ChicPretties” on Etsy,

I believe in angels, seems to me one was just tickling Saylor in her sleep, then moved to Maggie in the fallowing picture


What a B-EAU-TI-FUL family!


  1. by uncle patsy on January 8, 2011  10:16 pm Reply

    You know how much I love you and how much I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this family? PRECIOUS Arielle, you are beyond the BOMB.COM sister! I love ya sisterfriend! BISES! A BUNCH of BISES!

  2. by Terri Ludvigsen on January 9, 2011  3:20 am Reply

    What amazing photos! Not only do you have the Baby Whisperer touch, but you have it with twins, no less. I can't believe it has been over a year since you did our photos. Congratulations to The Leythams!

  3. by Naomi on January 9, 2011  8:34 am Reply

    What a great photo session! Those babies are so sweet and I LOVE the hats!!

  4. by katie catalani on January 9, 2011  10:08 am Reply

    These babies are such a gift. I think one of my favorites is them facing one another and hugging.... You can just picture them in the womb in some of these poses.... And Avery is an angel. Thank you for sharing .... so excited for your family.

  5. by Rose on January 9, 2011  11:10 am Reply

    You have an awesome and amazing family Love You very much The Pictures are pasted awesome Thank You for sharing them

  6. by Therese McGrath on January 10, 2011  8:04 am Reply

    STUNNING....All the pictures are STUNNING!!!! Makes you stop and just SMILE LOTS...What BLESSINGS <3

  7. by Rae Leytham on January 10, 2011  4:28 pm Reply

    I am seriously in awe over these. I can't stop staring at them. I mean, they are my babies, but STILL!! I LOVE THESE MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!

  8. by Intlxpatr on January 11, 2011  7:04 am Reply

    You are amazing. Twins! And the photos of all are lovely. :-)

  9. by MTBoillot on January 11, 2011  7:49 am Reply

    bravo, beau souvenir pour les parents

  10. by Sandra Gaston on January 20, 2011  4:58 am Reply

    Great photos. She is beautiful. Thanks to MeMe for sharing this site so I could see your lovely daughter Samantha

  11. by Anita Waltrip on February 7, 2011  10:14 am Reply

    Beautiful family and awesome pictures! You did a wonderful job of photographing the babies individually and together. The last picture is a treasure!

  12. by Frederique on February 16, 2011  4:49 am Reply

    Wahoo, que de photos magnifiques!!!! Super travail! les photos a deux sont fabuleuses. Ca va leur faire de superbes souvenirs... Tu as ete bizy!


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