Loulou Belle, Yorkie

Dog lovers, be aware, miss Loulou Belle is A-DO-RA-BLE! She’s as sweet as can be, but of course her small size make her even more irresistible. Her mama was telling me that when they first brought her home, she was so tiny she could fit in her husband’s front shirt pocket! Now, at 3 months, he can still hold her in the palm of one hand. I think she hasn’t reach 1 pound yet.

She was very aware, and we have many cute shots in all different poses.



Totally digging the cheese treats,

We even brought in Coco into the room, and she became very playful, pouncing…

All the exercise was a lot for her, she settled down

And quickly fell asleep like babies do, very suddenly

La fin. To me her “derriere” reminds me very much of a black bear, only miniature…


  1. by Dee Whisenhunt on March 24, 2009  10:59 am Reply

    These are great!!!!

  2. by Patsy on March 24, 2009  4:41 pm Reply

    OMG soooo dang cute!!!! Nice job my friend!!!

  3. by Holli Davis on March 25, 2009  8:20 am Reply

    These pictures are so ADORABLE! I think my favorite is the one of her in the terracotta pot. :)

  4. by Terri Ludvigsen on March 26, 2009  12:11 pm Reply

    These are so funny, love the "puppy in the pot" shots!

  5. by Rae on March 27, 2009  11:04 am Reply

    AWWWWW!!!!! I want one. Well, not really. But, I want to hold this baby!

  6. by Rochelle on March 30, 2009  11:15 pm Reply

    I love the family shot and the hanging ones!

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