Leigh & Brian’s beach wedding

It was the last week end of May, a beautiful day on Perdido Beach. Leigh and Brian exchanged their vows, surrounded by their family and friends. They are both smitten with each other and it was a pleasure for Dorene and I to photograph their wedding, record their love. Nancy’s Hautes Affairs was in charge of the catering, and it was as usual beautiful and delicious.


  1. by Leigh Johnson on September 13, 2009  9:22 am Reply

    Holy Wow!!!!!! Arielle, you are amazing! I am just in love with these pictures....... I don't know which one is my favorite? I cannot wait to share. Thank you so so much, you are truly blessed with a special gift.

  2. by diane taylor (dee) on September 13, 2009  4:22 pm Reply

    These are the most beautiful pictures!!! Arielle has given all of us that were there a gift of rememberance... A beautiful marriage is forever - your pictures are tokens of that.

    I am so grateful that the love families share can be expressed so easily now with new technologies God really does love us! The Taylor family loves the Johnson family - forever...

  3. by Yvonne Boudreaux on September 13, 2009  5:57 pm Reply

    Stunning pictures!

  4. by Kathleen Leidner on September 13, 2009  7:27 pm Reply

    It's all so overwhelmingly beautiful !! You really do capture the love between Leigh and Brian and within our family.
    Thank you so much.

  5. by doanli on September 14, 2009  5:27 am Reply

    Beautiful, Arielle, I especially love the French touch! (My favorite here is Les Bonbons, so colorful!)

  6. by Lorna Elizabeth Crawford on September 14, 2009  8:06 am Reply

    To Leigh and Brian,

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift up His countenace upon you and give you peace - Number chapter 6 verses 24 - 26.
    You both make such a beautiful couple together. Always remember to keep in your hearts this special bond of joy and love that you share for each other as evidenced by these pictures of your wedding day. Always remember to keep God first in your lives and He will always direct your paths. May you both enjoy a blessed, long, joyous, healthy and wealthy life together as one and may your children and their children and their children carry on the heritage that you carefully and diligently pass on.

    Lorna Elizabeth Crawford

  7. by Melissa Cushma on September 14, 2009  9:33 am Reply

    Leigh, your pictures are absolutely beautiful and you looked incredible! Congratulations!

  8. by Rebecca Williamson on September 14, 2009  4:11 pm Reply

    These pictures are beautiful. Leigh looks amazing in everyone.

  9. by Kristin Wilson on September 14, 2009  8:24 pm Reply

    Leigh, you look so beautiful! Everyone looks so happy and I can tell you are truly in love! All best wishes to you and Brian!

  10. by patsy on September 16, 2009  9:40 am Reply

    Hey...no fair I don't speak french....but I think I have it figured out since there are totally AMAZING pictures to go along with them. WOW sister, you did good! I love them!!!

  11. by Anne on September 16, 2009  12:26 pm Reply

    J'ai adoré les bonbons !!!!!

  12. by Bruce Johnson on September 18, 2009  9:00 am Reply

    Great pictures. We're anxious to see the one of Brian's family.

  13. by Laurie on September 18, 2009  11:30 am Reply

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  14. by Tina Flick on September 21, 2009  6:18 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures...what a gorgeous day it was! It will be wonderful to remember your special day with such great photographs.

  15. by Leigh Johnson on September 25, 2009  7:54 am Reply

    Arielle made us GOOD LOOKIN!!!!

  16. by Mary T on September 25, 2009  2:23 pm Reply

    What beautiful scenery! Oddly, I think one of my fav pix is the ultra serious/lovable duo. Nice work Arielle.

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