Leigh and Brian

My father would definitely tell me: “tu mets la charue avant les boeufs” (=”puting the cart before the horse”) by having this picture on my blog. This is a serious-in-love couple I just photographed this weekend. Before going to their wedding I had already decided I would get this picture, and I can see it as the perfect book cover for their album. Now, I haven’t even blogged their engagement session, and here I am posting a wedding picture… la charue avant les boeufs..
I just couldn’t resist sharing, as I was having fun editing this picture to get it just where I had envision it. Leigh and Brian, it was a beautiful day and ceremony, a wonderful party, Dorene and I felt part of the family. Thank you for trusting us to capture your very special day. I wish you the best time on your honey moon, Jamaica (houlala!), please be careful with the cliff diving..


  1. by Ray Nikyuluw on June 2, 2009  8:02 pm Reply

    Hi Arielle! Incredible sky, beautiful picture. Great work! Don't worry about the cart or the horse. Just post! I'm anxious to see the rest. :-)

  2. by Leigh & Brian on June 7, 2009  11:26 am Reply

    Wow Arielle...... This looks like a postcard, awesome!!

  3. by Katherine Miller on June 7, 2009  5:22 pm Reply

    Wow. This really does look like a book cover.... Nice!

  4. by chad on June 7, 2009  5:53 pm Reply

    very nice work. awesome pic

  5. by Tina Flick on June 8, 2009  7:22 am Reply

    What an amazing shot! It was such a beautiful day.

  6. by Dad Johnson on June 8, 2009  6:30 pm Reply

    a match made in heaven. great picture

  7. by sylvie daydie on June 25, 2009  2:42 pm Reply

    super jolie photo !!! on dirait que le ciel est devenu la mer !!!

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