Leigh and Brian engaged

It’s Saturday, happy week end everyone!
We have a big day planed, the weather is beautiful, we’ll pack the family on the boat and spend the day on the beach, with a picnic… But first I must post some pictures of these love birds.
Because they live out of town, we only met 2 days before their wedding for their engagement session. But by the end of our time together, I felt like one of their best friends, that’s just how they roll.



  1. by Leigh & Brian on June 6, 2009  12:16 pm Reply

    These pictures are AMAZING!!!! I just love all of them :-) We are sooooo happy!

  2. by Laurie Wilson on June 7, 2009  10:38 am Reply

    These pictures are amazing!! Turned out so beautiful!! Congrats!!!

  3. by Ashley Rafferty on June 7, 2009  2:06 pm Reply

    Great photographs!! Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!

  4. by Jennifer Gaul on June 7, 2009  2:49 pm Reply

    These pictures are so good and they capture the warmth and love of your relationship. Great photographer! I especially like the pic. of you two w/the cowboy hat...totally Leigh!

  5. by Katherine Miller on June 7, 2009  3:08 pm Reply

    Leigh and Brian have never looked so beautiful to me. Arielle went above and beyond and made their wedding photos exceed anyone's expectations.

  6. by Dad Leidner on June 7, 2009  3:11 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! I am so proud of both of you. dad

  7. by LaSheba on June 7, 2009  4:50 pm Reply

    OMG! Brian and Leigh, I truly wish that you all have the best life together! I wish you love and happiness throughout the days of your lives. Smoochies! and at least two good things came out of Pinnacle, many friendship and a marriage -:)

  8. by Dad Johnson on June 7, 2009  6:41 pm Reply

    What a great couple! These pictures are awesome......they capture your love for each other.

  9. by Tina Flick on June 7, 2009  7:22 pm Reply

    What beautiful pictures! You guys look great and so happy!!

  10. by Jen Wilson on June 8, 2009  4:42 am Reply

    Congrats! The pictures are beautiful :)

  11. by Dena Dawson on June 8, 2009  6:10 am Reply

    Great Pictures! Congrats to you both!

  12. by Cousin Janell on June 8, 2009  6:20 am Reply

    Awww Leigh and Brian, you are gorgeous! I especially love the first one by the old car. Thanks for sharing the pics! Love ya!

  13. by Heather on June 8, 2009  6:59 am Reply

    These are great! A beautiful couple

  14. by Kathleen Leidner on June 8, 2009  8:33 am Reply

    These pictures are so great! They really capture your personalities....

  15. by Courtney Roeder on June 8, 2009  8:55 am Reply

    The pictures are beautiful! The scenery is so unique and you guys look fabulous.
    Love Courtney

  16. by Tara on June 8, 2009  11:25 am Reply

    I love the picture of Leigh and Brian in front of the car, it is so THEM. Love you guys!!T

  17. by Kelly Ettorre on June 8, 2009  2:26 pm Reply

    Fabulous pictures. Love the cover picture!

  18. by Dee Clouse on June 8, 2009  4:00 pm Reply

    I love these pictures...so cuuuute!!! Congrats Brian and Leigh. :)

  19. by Amy on June 9, 2009  7:15 am Reply

    Wow! Wonderful pictures. I can't wait to see all of the wedding and reception pictures.

  20. by Rebecca Williamson on June 9, 2009  8:20 am Reply

    These pictures are incredible - you both look so happy and in LOVE..... :)

  21. by Nancy Johnson on June 9, 2009  8:49 am Reply

    Love all the pictures.....hard to pick a favorite!!!

  22. by Teri Nock on June 9, 2009  9:45 am Reply

    Wow..those are great pictures. Leigh, you and Brian will have beautiful children...both of you are stunning!!! Congratulations on your new life together...Love you, Teri

  23. by diane taylor on June 9, 2009  2:28 pm Reply

    Arielle has a remarkable talent for composition and uses light to accentuate the artistic center of her compositions. She may have a coffee table book in her future and I can see that you and Brian have a lot of love in your future. Happy everything Diane

  24. by Kris Kasting on June 13, 2009  4:51 pm Reply

    Congrats Brian & Leigh!! The pictures are amazing!! Arielle did a great job!

  25. by Emily on June 15, 2009  7:53 am Reply

    You guys look so happy... cannot wait to see wedding pics, too! :)

  26. by Elizabeth Brestan Knight on July 12, 2009  8:21 am Reply

    Leigh and Brian - what lovely pictures! You look great together and so very happy. Congrats!!

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