Le Petit Prince

My little artist, Magalie strikes again.  I love everything about this latest drawing, it’s beautiful, full of bright colors (she explained her choice of orange for the astronaut suit would work best to compliment the other colors), well composed, just full of talent.  Again, she touches my heart with her subject matter, her own interpretation of our classic french story “Le Petit Prince”, a favorite of mine, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  “The stars are more like the star fish in sponge bob square pants” she tells me, and St Exupéry is visiting le petit prince from a space ship.  No waste of paper space, great attention to details (notice how perfect her drawing of the lamb is on the sheet the little prince is holding), always cheerful scenes with a touch of humor, are Meg’s strong suit.

Ahead of me a busy week with a variety of photo sessions, in the mix a dreadful visit to the dentist (I’ve been conditioned since early childhood to fear the dentist chair, because my “teeth Doctor” wasn’t all that gentle back in France).  I will have wonderful people to post about, starting with Amy Wenzel, who just gave her first workshop ever.  I was one of the lucky 20 ladies to attend and have just returned home energized and excited to apply some changes into my business, and improve my editorial style.


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  1. by Leslie Roark on May 17, 2009  4:09 pm Reply

    What a great little artist!!! I love Amy Wenzel! I can't wait to see your post on her workshop!!!

  2. by patsy on May 19, 2009  3:22 pm Reply

    WOW, super pretty I think she gets her artistic ability from her Mommy huh? :)

  3. by Jessie Thompson on May 21, 2009  7:54 am Reply

    This is so wonderful! I hope it ends up in a frame on the wall somewhere.

    You were the BEST roommate in Grand Rapids! You are a wealth of knowledge and talent and I was blessed to get to spend time with you. What a friendship we started!

    I am excited to see some images from your shoots this week! I know they will be great.

    Hope the dentist wasn't too bad...

  4. by mikifoto on May 29, 2009  2:06 pm Reply

    beautiful images! the colors pop off the screen and the skin tones are creamy and smooth. you got skills girl!

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