These are pictures of my cousin Laura, pregnant with her fourth boy!!!
And soon, I’ll post pictures of her new born, Andrew. He looks just like his 3 brothers, as Laura put it when she first saw him, she delivered the same baby 4 times.
Since the age of 7, my parents sent me every other year to the US during summer break to my uncle and aunt’s to learn english. I owe it mostly to Laura to be now bilingual, we share many childhood memories and are as close as sisters. I am for ever grateful to her father, oncle Michel, to have played match maker successfully some years ago, and to now have my precious family. Here’s a portion of hers:

She’s beautiful, always

This is her oldest, Christian, he didn’t want me to take his picture, and only agreed for a 2sec hug.  I love what we got out of our limited time!

This is sweet BJ, until Andrew came along, he was enjoying his position as youngest of the family, but he’s thrilled with the arrival of the baby.

And last is Patty, they are all super smart, good looking and nice…

BJ, he’s just so gentle.

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