Laura, Joe & Cannon

What a beautiful family and fun session this was!

Cannon was just a few days shy of his first birthday, and although he didn’t feel much like giving me lots of smiles, he sure was sweet and patient with me. Laura and Joe have this amazing chocolate lab, Bailey (hope I have the spelling correct), that they have trained to do the most incredible tricks: for one she’s very obedient and would parade behind me to entertain Cannon, and she knows how to retrieve a beer from the refrigerator and bring it to you, she can also dump things in the trash… I plan to get them to train our next puppy! Or at least give me some good tips, our sweet dog has perfected the art of sleep and rest, but not much more:)

Stealing his grand father’s glasses!

I love how children hold on to the ears,

The neighbour’s yard was just beautiful

Ah, the wonder dog,

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  1. by Orange Blossom on October 24, 2007  9:38 am Reply

    You sound like a lovely lady, and I very much enjoy looking at your photographs. (They're VERY good too!)


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