Jessie & André

All the way from my dear Provence, I though I would share a couple pictures of one of our favorite baby sitter and her fiancé. As long as we’ve known Jessie, André has been in her life, and it was pretty clear they would become husband and wife eventually. In the military for a few more years, there is a great big chance they will travel the world, enrich their lives with different cultures. We are sad to see her leave, but are excited for them to start on this wonderful adventure together.

They just needed real quick a few pictures for their “save the date”, but I would really like to have a “real” engagement session when I come back from France.
In the past years when I return to THE homeland, I’ve been filled with ambitious projects to blog about France, and it seems each time I’ve done less. I’ve come to understand how sacred this moment spent with my family in my birth town is to me, and have lowered my expectations tremendously. This year I would like to make a special effort to showcase the legendary landscape while on my vacation. However, after talking to my friend Daniel Ewert, a landscape photographer expert, I realize this may very well be a very ambitious project still. As he explained to me, one of the secrets of landscape photography is like always in the photography world, LIGHT. Not just any light mind you, but sunrises and sunsets, those small windows of time during the day are your best best to catch some gorgeous imagery. But, in this part of the world, in this time of the year, that translate being set up in a great location at 5:30AM, and 9PM. The first being prime sleep time, the second during the most important meal/gathering of the day, the dinner! So, the task will be challenging, but I may manage a few shots, that I will be sure to share here.
By the way, you must take a minute, to click on the link above to check out Daniel’s work, it’s breathtaking. Be sure to visit in the “gallery categories” (under image), the Landscape and Nature Photography, and in there his recent body of images of Mallorca (an island near Spain)


  1. by Jessie & André on June 25, 2010  6:16 pm Reply

    The pictures are beautiful Arielle! We are so very grateful that you took the time right before your big trip to France. I can't wait to see how our save the dates turn out!! Hope you are all enjoying your summer and having a fabulous time with your family (I'm sure you are!!).

  2. by sally butts on July 4, 2010  8:35 pm Reply

    Such wonderful photos--we loved seeing them. Jessie will miss your precious family so very much.

  3. by Paula Etzel on September 23, 2010  4:17 pm Reply

    These pictures are amazing! They capture the real essence of the love and joy of a man and woman who, together, have received life's greatest gift, a child. Wonderful work!

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