Jessica, Jared and sweet Maddy

Hello wonderful Cyber space world!
What a great weekend we had here in Pensacola. 2 hot dates with my hubby and friends. I’m not a difficult girl to please on a date, I just LOVE going to the movies, and right now the theaters have plenty of great selections. Friday night was Taken, which takes place in France (right there I’m on board), packed with action, Liam Neeson is a kick-ass dad. Thankfully the horror of the kidnapping isn’t so much the focus in the movie, it’s mostly all about Liam’s active search for his daughter. Then on Saturday, we saw “slumdog millionaire”, I LOVED it. The critics have it right this time, it is absolutely an amazing movie, so moving. It sure reminds us how fortunate we are. It’s beautifully conducted and filmed, showing us the sad reality of poverty in India, yet telling us a beautiful story, managing in the end to be such a “feel good movie” despite the sorrowfulness it depicts so honestly.
I’m now also hocked on the music.
On with this beautiful family. Jessica is a very talented photographer in the Destin area. She contacted me a little before Christmas, but weather and conflicting schedules wouldn’t allow us to meet until just last week. I had so much fun taking these, her little girl Madelyn is a doll, so sweet and very used to having a camera looking her way. Jessica came well prepared with many different outfits for her angel to change into.

Precious little shoes,

That smile, she’s totally adorable!

I had these little finger puppets in my camera bag, and we tried to see if the princess could give the frog a magic kiss and turn it into a prince charming.. didn’t work this time.

Singing “itsy-bitsy spider”

Some pictures for Jessica to have on her website,

I love her princess Lea hair do,


  1. by Chantal on February 3, 2009  10:43 am Reply

    Arielle - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Madelyn is SO cute!

  2. by audrey on February 3, 2009  1:44 pm Reply

    love the set up of your blog. great work! thanks for the blog love!!!

  3. by Jessie on February 4, 2009  9:10 pm Reply

    Beautifully done! The colors and composition and clarity are wonderful! The incredibly cute subject matter doesn't hurt either.

    I am excited to see more of your work. (And after reading your post I am also excited for a movie date night with my husband.)

    Happy Shooting!

  4. by Kim Nodurft on February 5, 2009  10:21 am Reply

    Wow! You are so good at capturing children. She is just adorable!

  5. by Jessica on February 5, 2009  6:25 pm Reply

    Arielle! You did such a great job and we are just in love with our pictures. Working with you was a blast and I'm looking forward to continuing our friendship! Maybe we can shoot together sometime!

  6. by Rae on February 8, 2009  9:41 pm Reply

    These are so beautiful! It's so funny that I have been hearing Jessica's name lately so it is nice to put a face with the name! :o) Madelyn is a doll!

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