Jenni, Pensacola Maternity Photographer

Jenni was the lucky winner of my giveaway this past fall. This is “phase 1” of her gift, and in the next couple of weeks, once little Finley makes her grand entrance into our world, she’ll be my little model, wrapping up this giveaway. My purpose was to celebrate motherhood, as I’m feeling so grateful at this point of my journey with my children. Contestant had to email me a little paragraph telling me about their pregnancy. This was Jenni’s:
“I don’t know that I deserve to win this contest over anyone else, but what I do know is that we have put the blood(mine, literally), sweat(literally, poking and prodding can be nerve wrecking), and tears(these ultrasounds have made my spouse quite the crier!)into our growing family. The love of my life and I got together two years ago and knew pretty early on that we wanted our own little pack; however, we knew we would have quite the bumpy road since the love of my life happens to be a lady. We got pregnant on our second try(lucky, I know ) and have been on this amazing journey, barreling quickly toward parenthood! Pregnancy has been a wonderful experience and we have been tracking it via our very neat, but lack luster quality Polaroid camera. We would love to document our unique, and loving family with your help! Every day that we wait for little Finley Louise’s arrival has been filled with magical moments from feeling her river dancing skills and stretches to her wildly intense hiccups. Feeling her move around is amazing and we imagine her grand debut will be nothing less! We can’t wait to meet our little girl.”
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