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I get more and more excited with each newborn I am fortunate to photograph! Recently, I have started asking my clients to meet me in my studio before their due dates. It’s an opportunity for them to see my studio, my props, meet me and see if they will be comfortable having me photograph their baby. And it allows me to get a feel for what they like, so I can customize their session, it may be a very small thing, like in this case: Melissa told me her husband is a college basketball coach, basketball is obviously a big part of their lives. I had enough time to research and found this adorable felted tiny basketball. I know this image in particular will hold a very special meaning to them. If you are interested in newborn images, I strongly recommend you meeting your photographer before, it does make a difference. In my case, this pre session consultation is not binding in any way. I know there are many photographers in the area and think it’s smart to do your research before you hire one. This is a chance for you to gage if you will like working with me.

college coach


rustic bed

bucket pose

sleepy bonnet

smiling baby

baby in blue

chin on hands

taco pose

baby and mom

baby and dad

dad and baby

parent pose

These last 2 poses are some of my favorite. As a mother of 3 teenagers, all 3 taller than I am, I can remember those days when they could fit in my hands… I can’t tell you how much I wish I had one of those images of us holding them! I found a saying that sums it up perfectly for me: “For all the things my hands have held, THE BEST by far is you”

baby in parents hands

Baby in hands

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