Ivy Simone, Pensacola newborn photographer

As my middle child is gearing up to go to college this summer, I am reminded how quickly it all went. Back when our son Will went to Montessori school for a couple years, we had a parent gathering and were asked what had we learned so far in our role as parents. I was always in a hurry and I listened as one dad said :”to stop and smell the roses”… I did an internal huge eye roll! How corny I thought, of course we all know to appreciate the good moments. But I should have paid more heed, I should have slowed down, I should have been more mindful of those special moments. I wish I could relive it all. I don’t understand how my mind can have vivid memories of moments (often insignificant), when all the while huge chunk of time have past without having been noticed. I rely on images to bring back lovely memories, they’re there, I just need to unveil them, pictures help. This newborn stage is so ephemeral and caught in a blur. So much is happening after a birth, those precious moment will go by so quick, these images will become so precious with time for Ivy’s parents.


Taco pose

Side Laying




egg wrap

Bum up

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  1. by Gail great great aunt on May 21, 2019  1:59 pm Reply

    These photos are spectacular and such a beautiful story
    Thank you for sharing

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