Holly, Jake and Sam

I have struggled with this post! Sam is the sweetest little boy, most adorable in all pictures. I had to restrain myself and try to select just a few favorite images. You’ve got to admit it’s a hard task with such a cute little model. His parents are new to Pensacola (they haven’t endured a summer yet…) Jake is going to flight school, and Holly is staying very busy with little mister Sam.

I love his hat, I’m a big fan of hats on babies and children,

All smiles..

Lovely family,

Classic! It was snack time, he dumped all the cheerios on the floor, and then proceeded to stuff his little cheeks without pausing or time for chewing. I loove the middle picture,

Playing drum on dad’s head…

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  1. by Nan on March 19, 2009  9:00 am Reply

    Not that I'm prejudiced, but he is the cutest baby in the world!!! Great photography!!!

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