Happy New Year, Happy Valentine, and mostly welcome to Mack!

I go through this periodically, a bit of a lacking presence on my blog, followed by sincere apologies for disappearing.  Like everyone I know “I am very busy”, lame excuse but here it is.  I started the New Year not so much with new resolution but more the promise to keep the door open, to take the time to follow my dreams.  And do I know how to dream!  We are extending the house… a bigger studio, women photography, I’m learning to make jewelry…  Jewelry, that’s right, and pretty soon (in 2 weeks time) you will see me with my girls holding a little stand on the Palafox market.  I will be sure to send a facebook notice prior.

On to this sweet boy.  He is the smallest baby I have ever photographed!  Jessica brought me her son Mack last week to photograph him at 4 pounds and 6 ounces!  He is a preemie and such a strong healthy little one, he was quickly released from the hospital.  I was very careful to keep him warm during his session and we were able to get several very sweet poses, great memories for his parents.

Mack is sporting a lovely bonnet, knitted by yours truly:)

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  1. by Lizanne on February 21, 2013  8:58 am Reply

    These baby images are absolutely amazing. By far the best I have ever seen! You really have a talent for capturing the emotion. How precious!! I had to comment. Great job!!

  2. by Baby Photography London on March 13, 2013  4:56 am Reply

    Wonderful pictures! I love the mood you captured.
    Congratulations on the great artwork!

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