Happy Father’s Day

I know it’s a little early, but today I feel pretty good about Henry’s (my man) father’s day present. It sure beats my first ever mother’s day present, 10 years ago: a fly fishing rod!!! I tried my best to practice in our backyard everyday for a good 15 minutes, under Henry’s watchful eyes, but never really got into it. I imagine, his ulterior motive was for me to really dig it, then we could go on fly fishing trips together… Well 10 years later, I still try to come up with something more than a new tie, which is a real challenge, since he has very specific hobbies and I don’t know much about them. But last week, he gave me a good tip: he got into his head it would be nice to have a wee game. But of course it’s only good on a flat screen gigantic TV, and since that’s not what we have, his suggestion was then to buy it for his parent’s house, and our children could play it there. Now, summer is hitting our little town, and it’s getting mighty hot to send children outside all day to entertain themselves, so any fun activity is more than welcome, in MY house. Problem is, our family room cabinets just didn’t allow for a spacious modern screen… But in less than a week, I found some amazing carpenter who rearranged the whole setting and low and behold we have a flat screen TV, a full 42 inches, sitting in front of our couch. And Henry had no clue until he walked home tonight and saw the whole area transformed. Man, I feel good about this! I better enjoy it, because I’m afraid it will be a tough one to measure up to in the future…
My good friend Amy, is surprising her husband with some beautiful portraits of her children, printed on a gallery wrapped canvas. I know Philip will love these, here are the pictures we used:

Lizzy and Will,

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