Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!
I have been very fortunate this past week with my family visiting from France. I love it when they are in town. My sister, Sylvie and my niece, Rose are staying with us, while my parents have rented a beautiful home on the Gulf. The children were out of school and were able to spend plenty of time with their cousin.
“April showers” just isn’t a myth, we are definitely in the rainy season, it has been pouring! Saturday was a welcome brake and we enjoyed the beach all day long. I’m afraid this rental house will have the same effect on me this year as it did last year: it took me 2 months to get over the crazy idea to give up our beautiful home to move to the beach!!! Totally nuts, especially knowing how sand sends me into a tizzy, there’s just something about the infinite blue horizon, the soothing sound of the waves… I even let loose, left my computer behind for the weekend, brought a novel, relaxed, read the whole book while eating tons of chocolate (the really good kind from France)…
Of course, I couldn’t just lay in the sun, and had to bring my camera along. Here are a few snapshots of our beach fun. The middle picture is of Sylvie and Rose. My sister sported this awesome gigantic hat, which had her daughter in a state of shame despair (she’s just reach that age when parents just aren’t cool anymore).

The 4 cousins,

Louis Alphonse and Anne Lise are like a set of second parents for me, and took care of Coco as if she was their grand baby,

Will, being the surfer dude, wanted his little dog to experience the thrill of the surf board and decided to take her on a ride. You can clearly read her mind: “please get me off!!!!, it’s good enough to watch you from the shore”.
Within a couple minute a wave washed her off, and she swam back to me in record speed,

Don’t you love her “squishy” cheeks? After the big shake she went ballistic, running and rolling around the sand.

And here, I love the reflection of the girls on the wet shore,

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  1. by Ray Nikyuluw on April 13, 2009  6:11 pm Reply

    Hello Arielle! :-) Love these pictures. Your girls are beautiful (like their mom). The white, white sand of the beaches of the ivory coast...miss being there. We used visit that area frequently! (Used to play golf at Sandestin). Your the blog Queen! Keep it up I do enjoy stopping by.

  2. by Mary Taylor on April 14, 2009  7:44 pm Reply

    I really like the last one of the girls too, too cute! The girls look adorable in their new swim suits :) Glad ya'll had a nice Easter on the beach.

  3. by sylvie daydie on April 19, 2009  6:35 am Reply

    c est deja un souvenir .... c est marrant rose a l air grosse sur la photo ou elle est seule entre meg et olili !!

  4. by sylvie daydie on April 19, 2009  6:37 am Reply

    oh fait je les veut toutes sur un cd que tu donneras a maman please .... elles sont vraiment top, on se croirait au paradis ... et coco elle a une tronche hilarente !!!

  5. by Terri Ludvigsen on April 19, 2009  5:21 pm Reply

    What beautiful babies, lovely images as always. Thanks for being there for yesterday's wedding, too!

  6. by louis alphonse buscarlet on April 22, 2009  11:43 pm Reply

    si tu fait un cd pour sylvie, j’en veux bjen un aussi!
    j’adore la photo aux reflets dans le sable mouillé et celle de coco qui regole.
    Des fois que tu ferais aussi un cd sur la fête des clowns ?

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