Happy Earth day

I’ve always enjoyed a beautiful “jardin”, the women in my family all have a “green thumb”. My aunt, who lives in England has created the most beautiful garden. Words can’t do justice to her little paradise on earth. People from all over the world come in busses to visit this slice of heaven, she has the most amazing and rare species of roses. All the women in my family can speak to the flowers, and they listen. Not me, or at least not yet. Some areas of my back yard (it hasn’t earned the name of garden…) look like a plant cemetery. 6 years ago, as I was 9 months pregnant with Olivia, and working on refinishing an antique chair on my porch, my mother begged me to give up trying to grow plants. I was stunned! This was not in the spirit of “keep trying and you will eventually succeed” she has raised me all these years. She continued telling me, she felt so sorry for the poor plants I would set out to buy, but forget to tend to after a while. I believe, that like all women in my family, if I really set my heart to it, I too, can be successful growing and talking to plants. Later, I will take up gardening. In the mean time, occasionally, I’m still tempted by a few favorite herbs, flowers, and attempt to care for them. I’m very proud to report that the fallowing pictures are of my almost 2 months old potted plants, and they are thriving!!! I couldn’t resist an olive tree (I know it looks more like a branch, but it probably fits my skills just right), symbol of peace, lavender (it’s Provence on my Florida porch), rosemary topiaries and amaryllis.
These plants have made me so happy, I get to enjoy them many times a day walking by, and then I’ll go out and rub between my fingers some lavender, and I’m transported back home in Provence…

Aren’t these beautiful? They have been blooming forever,

I got all these from our fantastic home/garden store, Duh.

I haven’t developed yet my green thumb, but I appreciate our beautiful earth and it’s amazing resources, and I can’t wait to take my kids to go see the new Disney movie, Earth. The trailers already have my heart flutter when the baby bird takes his first plunge out of his nest…

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  1. by Leslie Roark on April 22, 2009  3:20 pm Reply

    AWW! You're doing so much better than I ever would! The closet that I come is a fresh bouquet on my dining room table that gets replaced once a week!

  2. by laura balters on April 22, 2009  10:07 pm Reply

    the first comment i want to leave is that my genetic pool needs chlorination.....girl....i've killed cacti that require water once a month...as far as I am concerned you are the green thumb female of our Boillot generation...secondly....however, you're pictures and success in small gardening endeavours do motivate me to learn more and become more skilled in keeping beautiful life forms thriving....will ponder more on this!

  3. by sylvie daydie on April 24, 2009  2:09 pm Reply

    ouaw on se croirait en provence, manque plus que l odeur de la lavande !!! y a t il eut des retouches ??? MAGNIFIQUE !!!

  4. by BELLAICHE Jeanne on April 30, 2009  2:11 am Reply

    Arielle bonjour,
    J'ai eu l'adresse de ton blog par Sylvie. Je lui avais dit sur facebook combien je trouvais belles tes photos !
    Toutes mes félicitations pour ces si jolis instants !
    Ca me donne envie de me faire prendre en photo tiens ;o)

  5. by Aix on May 5, 2009  10:41 am Reply

    Comme aiment dire les profs, en progres......efforts recompenses, il faut perseverer! un peu d'eau sur l'olivier mais pas trop.

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