A few weeks ago I met this beautiful family, and took some pictures at Laura’s parents’ house. It was an amazing spot on the sound side, with a “loved” garden. When someone tends to their yard so lovingly, it isn’t called a yard anymore, but definitely deserves the name of garden. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Here, Laura’s parents with their grand-daughter, Hanna.

I couldn’t resist inserting here one of the many details that contributes to the garden. I love the word “believe”, without it there would be no fairies, no Santa….

This is Hanna teasing her dad with her hair bow, taking it off, then trying to put it back on, only for a second.

Too cute!

The sprinklers behind Hanna, in the neighbor’s yard really did a great thing in this picture, with the sun shinning through, better than I hoped.

Look at that smile, with those adorable baby teeth!

I stayed for quite a while, Hanna was so cute and patient, I just couldn’t put my camera down. But we saved the bathing suit and water for the end, and she loved it! Lots of happy splashing.

Hanna’s expression is so funny, she had that quizzical look.

This mirror was a great prop, babies are fascinated by their reflection, and Hanna was no exception, she had her beautiful smile on instantly.

She can move pretty fast on all 4, and I bet by now she’s running around. I think that day she started taking her first steps.

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  1. by Patsy on July 15, 2008  1:24 am Reply

    OH MY HEAVENS!!!! These are just precious!!! You go girlie. How is France treating ya? I am like so jealous.
    Miss ya already,

  2. by Rachael and Albi on July 17, 2008  8:14 am Reply

    Arielle these are beautiful. Laura, I love all the pictures. Hannah is a perfect model. Let's get together when you get back from Market. We miss you guys!

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