I hope everyone had a joyous Halloween with many adorable trick-or-treaters at their door. I saw many clever costumes and excited little faces, smeared with candy. One of our neighbors goes “all out” on Halloween and has the most intriguing decorations about his propriety, my children have named his house the cool scary house. Among our favorite items, he has a witch’s broom wondering (on it’s own!!) around his sidewalk, sculpted bust tombstones talking, a witch slowly unfolding herself from the ground asking for a helping hand… And last year, he impressed us all with a “bubble fog” machine producing big bubbles full of fog when you pop them, and some laser light beams directed on the big oak trees giving the magical effect of fireflies. It was enchanting! Needless to say, the next day I hurried to buy the same bubble fogger, laser lights, and last night I had it all set out in our yard. As we visited my ingenious neighbor with our flock of dressed up children, we laughed when he told me some parents, who had been by my house first , had exclaimed “oh, you have the same lights as the Langhorne’s”. His response: “yes, Arielle is quite the trend setter” had Henry really chuckling.
We all know the spirit of Halloween subsides in our houses for a while longer with bright jack-o-lantern baskets filled with candies, it seems though like a tricky bottomless basket with an endless supply of sweets!
Happy Halloween from the Adam Langhorne family!
Mama working on dinner,


Henry, on a night stroll,


Coco, the werwolf,

Will, the ghost,

Before theses pictures might scare you into thinking I’m a total freak, just remember I’m an enthusiastic photoshop adept and nobody was harmed while photographing these, but all were happy with the final result:)

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  1. by Carlisle Gaston on November 16, 2011  7:01 pm Reply

    hi Mrs.Langhorne i like the halloween pictures they are funny

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