Haley, Pensacola baby photographer

Today showing us how strong she is, Haley. Charming, and oh so sweet, Haley is known to melt people’s heart, convincing some to have a baby (when they previously were determined not to) after spending time with her.

This little collage of expressions was a bit of a challenge, Haley has the sweetest disposition and rewarded each of my prompts with a beautiful smile.

A big thanks to Bruce, Haley’s big brother for entertaining her at the very end of the session. You can tell she loves him!


  1. by Laura on April 30, 2012  11:28 am Reply

    Love them, even better than I imagined! I will look at these over and over and over! Thanks again Laura

  2. by Rob Newton on April 30, 2012  11:50 am Reply

    Great pix! She's sooooo sweet!

  3. by Leslie on April 30, 2012  11:58 am Reply

    Beautiful pics of my precious little cousin, Haley!! These are so great! Love the one of the 3 of them as well, and the ones of Laura holding her. So good!

  4. by Michele on April 30, 2012  11:58 am Reply

    WOW!! They are all fantastic shots! Your children are beyond beautiful!! Have fun deciding which ones to get. Just get them all!!

  5. by Lynne Newton on April 30, 2012  12:04 pm Reply

    Absolutely adorable! All of them!!

  6. by Julie on April 30, 2012  12:23 pm Reply

    Haley has a smile that lights up the entire picture! My favorite is the one on the right of her and her momma. Great pics of Laura's little chub :)

  7. by Kaye on April 30, 2012  3:02 pm Reply

    Precious kids and can't believe how they have grown!!!

  8. by Jeff on April 30, 2012  3:13 pm Reply

    These are awesome. Haley looks so cute.

  9. by Kathy Sprague on April 30, 2012  3:27 pm Reply

    Oh my gosh, what a cutie! Love the one of all three...they are beautiful.

  10. by Brianna Scott on April 30, 2012  3:56 pm Reply

    LOVE these! My favorite has to be the Polo dress and the bright toys...she is way too cute!

  11. by Lois on April 30, 2012  4:43 pm Reply

    Beautiful, she is such a natural...and the picture of the three kids was an extra treat! Thanks for sharing.

  12. by Sherie Snider on April 30, 2012  7:42 pm Reply

    She's gorgeous, and yes, Arielle, what a sweet disposition! All of the shots are precious--even the ones when she's starting to "tune up!" Love the one with all three of your babies, as well. :)

  13. by Abby Shields on April 30, 2012  7:42 pm Reply

    She is beautiful!
    Your photographer truly captured her heart!
    I wish I lived in Pensacola!

  14. by Matt Newton on April 30, 2012  7:55 pm Reply


  15. by Valerie Sarver on April 30, 2012  8:23 pm Reply

    Laura, these photos are gorgeous. Makes me a little sad I never took my three to a professional photogragher when they were that age.

  16. by Rick Tonetti on May 1, 2012  6:06 am Reply

    Great pix ... I especially like the group shot !

  17. by Shannon Pazos on May 1, 2012  9:05 am Reply

    WOW!! These are wonderful!! Haley is as precious!! Something about a baby that makes you smile!! Bruce and Presley look so proud too!! Thank you for sharing!!

  18. by Rachel on May 1, 2012  11:45 am Reply

    What a little cutie! Great pix

  19. by Sharon on May 1, 2012  11:45 am Reply

    All great pictures. The group shot is really good of all three! (I want a copy of that one!)

  20. by Phoebe on May 1, 2012  8:53 pm Reply

    Great photos! Love the 3 kids together. :)

  21. by Jason on May 2, 2012  6:20 am Reply

    Great pics!

  22. by Linda Hall on May 2, 2012  1:08 pm Reply

    These are the best pictures of children I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful!
    The artist did a wonderful job.....and she had great subjects. :-)

  23. by Mary on May 2, 2012  3:01 pm Reply

    These pictures are absolutely amazing. The group shot is so precious and I don't know how Laura will choose. I would have to have one of all of them. My little Haley has been a blessing in my life and all three of the children are gorgeous and I am so fortunate to get to take care of them and each one of them holds a special place in my heart.

  24. by Leigh on May 2, 2012  7:53 pm Reply

    What a beautiful baby! That wash tub prop is adorable.

  25. by Suzanne Sarver on May 3, 2012  6:41 am Reply

    Laura is blessed with the sweetest, most beautiful children!! I love all my little 2nd cousins! I absolutely love the combination of the 9 photographs! All of them captured a different feeling and expression and Haley obviously has some of the best and cutest expressions to offer! I love all the black and white photos. My favorite color photos are the one of her with the letter blocks, the one with the toys, and the one of her in the wash tub. I especially like the tub picture because of the colors, the composition, and the sunshine. It reminds me of pictures my parents took of me in the bathtub when I was a baby--having fun in the tub with some water toys!
    Laura, you've got a tough job trying to figure out which ones you want!

  26. by Coleman Miller on May 3, 2012  6:42 am Reply

    Great photos!

  27. by Ashley Davis on May 3, 2012  8:18 am Reply

    What beautiful children!!! The pictures are gorgeous! I also love all of the photo props!

  28. by Paige on May 3, 2012  10:59 am Reply

    PRECIOUS! They are all just beautiful! I love the washtub pic!

  29. by Amy on May 3, 2012  12:30 pm Reply

    How Sweet ! I love them all !

  30. by Aunt Debbie on May 5, 2012  7:02 am Reply

    Love them Laura and Jason! The shots with Mom and Haley, bother and sister with Haley and Haley in the boat tub with all the
    beautiful flowers behind her, the close up head shot with Haley looking down would be my first four favorites....you have fun

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