Griffith & Tinley

I promised their mom, Buffi, to have some pictures up on the blog by the end of the day… it’s nearly 10:30 pm. Griffith was full of energy and buoyant with life, as you’ll see in the images, it shows in his happy face. Tinley couldn’t have been any sweeter, patient and such a good big sister. Buffi, it was a lot of fun for me to photograph your children, I think they did absolutely fabulous!


  1. by Buffi Bailey on June 21, 2011  8:04 am Reply

    Thank you so much! I love them! We had so much fun and you were so patient with Griffy.

  2. by lisa lee on June 21, 2011  8:07 am Reply

    how adorable and precious. you are quite a talented photographer.

  3. by Debbie Seigle on June 21, 2011  8:10 am Reply

    The pictures are great. The clarity is wonderful and the historic background really adds to the pictures!!

  4. by Andrew on June 21, 2011  8:33 am Reply

    Awwwww...... My beautiful sister, niece and nephew, every picture makes me miss them more and more.

  5. by Amelia on June 21, 2011  8:35 am Reply

    I'm kinda totally addicted to those little ones! Every bit of Tinley's attitude shows through. As does Griffy's playfulness. Perfect pictures of three of my favorite people

  6. by Hong Tran on June 21, 2011  8:51 am Reply

    They are adorable!!!!!

  7. by Tonya Hein on June 21, 2011  8:56 am Reply

    These are amazing! Love your work!!

  8. by Jessica on June 21, 2011  9:21 am Reply

    Seriously in love with these pictures!!! Tinley and Griffy, you look Marvelous!

  9. by Brady on June 21, 2011  9:59 am Reply

    So beautiful! I love these children!

  10. by Sarah Biggs on June 21, 2011  10:08 am Reply

    Sweetest kids EVER! Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!!

  11. by Susie Schmidt on June 21, 2011  11:14 am Reply

    Great photos of some adorable kids. Tried to pick a favorite but I can't decide. Too many good ones.

  12. by Charles Henry on June 21, 2011  12:23 pm Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Such a beautiful family!!!

  13. by Bill Bailey on June 21, 2011  2:33 pm Reply

    Great photos. Thank you!!!

  14. by patsy griffith on June 21, 2011  5:34 pm Reply

    love the pictures, makes me miss all of you so much

  15. by Harriet Simmons on June 21, 2011  6:19 pm Reply

    Absouletly Beautiful!

  16. by Christie jandora on June 21, 2011  6:22 pm Reply

    Beautiful pics! You're missing someone........Uncle John!

  17. by Jeanie Hammond on June 21, 2011  7:09 pm Reply

    Really nice pictures, and I really like the subjects! Great job to all.

  18. by Kelly aka-Super Nanny! on June 21, 2011  7:36 pm Reply

    Loved what I saw and cant wait to see the rest! It was a fun evening!

  19. by cindy nanna on June 21, 2011  7:59 pm Reply

    Great job they are fabulous Love the 055 best ? o well all of the them !

  20. by Pat Young on June 22, 2011  8:50 am Reply

    You have captured thier spirit not just their smiles! Great job. Of course, they are precious people....even their Mama! :>)

  21. by Sara Seuzeneau on June 22, 2011  11:48 am Reply

    The pictures are great! They are getting too big, too fast!!

  22. by Josh on June 22, 2011  4:37 pm Reply

    Cute kids. We miss them so much [but wasn't I just taking care of a 1 week old Griffith?]

  23. by Karen Goldsmith on June 23, 2011  10:50 am Reply

    Photogenic kids:)) Not that I have a biased opinion or anything:) Nice scenery!

  24. by Kyle Goldsmith on June 23, 2011  1:49 pm Reply

    haha those are cute.

  25. by Daniel Goldsmith on June 23, 2011  3:39 pm Reply

    cute pictures

  26. by Bill Goldsmith on June 23, 2011  3:41 pm Reply

    Awesome pictures. Does Arielle do senior pics as well?

  27. by Tinley on June 23, 2011  5:42 pm Reply

    Thank you Mrs. Arielle- Love, Tinley.

  28. by Tracy on June 24, 2011  8:00 am Reply

    Too cute!! Love them!

  29. by Daniel on June 24, 2011  4:09 pm Reply

    These are the cutest kids ever!! Great job, Arielle!!!!

  30. by doanli on June 25, 2011  5:52 pm Reply

    Love your job here too with these adorable kids and their pretty mom.

    Also, thank you, Arielle, for inspiring me to finally get the courage to enroll in a correspondence photography course. Love your work!

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