Gretchen, Sidney, and the girls

It is chili in P’cola, FL.  Literally, when I drove away this morning to drop the kids off to school, I saw icicles on my garbage bin, where the sprinkler water was spilling from the cover, it froze!  on the spot, I’m going to have to take some pictures and document this strange phenomenon.  The other day it was much more poetic, as it happened on my rose bush.  It was really beautiful with the sun shining through, but I was so cold, I just enjoyed it from my window, instead of pulling my camera out.  Since it’s so cold it seem only fitting to post some pictures from a very wintery day.  In the fall I took Violet’s new born pictures, but this time it was the whole family.

This is Catherine Grace, challenging me to photograph her while in motion,

Here, she is with Marion,

It was so cold, Gretchen promised them a nice cup of hot chocolate, which Marion very much enjoyed,

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