General Beau Regard

I’ve seen my friend, Barclay’s parent walk their Basset Hound in the neighborhood ever since they moved to Pensacola. But since this past fall, I’ve missed them. They haven’t been able to take him out because he’s been diagnose with cancer and his health won’t allow him his daily walks anymore. However, Mister General Beau Regard, known as Beau-Beau to his intimates, has surprised everyone by outliving his vet’s predicted life expectancy. Like his mama told me, they all though he would be in doggy heaven by Christmas. He is enjoying life on earth, and although he has always been well loved, his illness has brought him some extra dotting that I’m sure is helping his strong will for life. He is treated to some special home made cooking, raspberry scones for breakfast… nothing is too much for Beau-Beau.
He is as elegant as his name, but a bit shy in front of the camera. It’s not just him, I’ve noticed dogs aren’t all that excited to stand on my white paper to be blinded by my soft box… To make matters worst it started to storm that day, and the sound of thunder made him nervous.
He is definitely a “gentledog”, with beautiful manners. I haven’t heard from him in the past couple of weeks and hope he is still enjoying scones..


  1. by Georgia McLeod Ansell on May 1, 2009  1:08 pm Reply

    I have missed Beau almost as much as I have missed his parents, Mary Walker and Jimmy, since they left Greenville, SC to move to Pensacola. I still think I can hear his chain rattling as he and Jimmy walked around the block. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures of such a handsome, sweet puppy dog - they capture the Beau-Beau I remember.

  2. by Pamela Snyder on May 3, 2009  2:53 pm Reply

    I can't believe how much the camera was able to give us a glimpse of Beau's personality. What a great dog. They don't come around like that too often. I remember his daily Greenville walks and his big smile. He was Lucky's boyfriend, or should I say "beau". I am so sorry to hear about his passing. It is terrible to go through. I miss you, Jimmy and Mary-Walker, so much. We haven't had the social gatherings that we had when you were here. You were the glue of our neighborhood!

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