Fred & Wade, teaser

I couldn’t let an other day go by and not post just one picture of my good friend, Frederique with her fiance, Wade. I have known Fred for a very long time (she loves to remind me the exact number of years, which never fails to freak me out, to her delight). She’s my only friend from France, living here. We met in 10th grade, we were in the same class, in a very unique school, “la Legion d’Honneur”, an all girl boarding school created by non other than Napoleon. The school was to be attended only by the daughters of his decorated soldiers (by our highest medal of honor, “la Legion d’Honneur”). There are 2 campuses, the middle school (6th till 9th grade) is in the middle of Saint Germain’s forrest, and the high school is adjacent to the Saint Denis basilique (where all the kings of France are buried). Both in the Paris suburbs. We wore uniforms, dated from the Napoleon area, and slept in dorms originally used by the monks of the basilica, only there was twice as many of us in the same space (140 girls in one room, 3 dorms in all). The building was, is a magnificent gothic structure built in the 1200s… Our classes, however, were held in the most modern building of Europe! At the time, I may not have appreciated the fine education I received in such a prestigious and traditional school, but now I feel quite proud of those 5 years in boarding school (I’m afraid at some point it may even have felt like detention). It was a boarding school in all the old fashion sense, meaning we only returned to our families for a very short weekend (Saturday 4:30PM after a test, till Monday 8AM). All in close quarters, apart from our parents, we developed tight friendships, it was like having a flock of sisters. Fred and I share many special memories from our special school, and I will always cherish our friendship. Fred moved to Pensacola 11 years ago, and built a very successful business of restoring sand dunes, Dune Doctors. Her hard work and dedication has placed her top in her field all along the Gulf Coast. Still striving for excellence, she has recently enrolled in school to obtain her masters. (To me that will only delay babies!!!) I am extremely thankful to Wade to have stolen her heart, as I can now rest assured she will stay in Pensacola…
After sharing so much, I had to insert here our sophomore year classroom picture:

Yikes! Does it say 1987???
And now just a little teaser of their E session,


  1. by Amber Hughes on March 4, 2009  11:25 pm Reply

    Ok, first of all I can't believe how much you still look like your younger self... seriously, it's like a mini-me! Secondly, I can't wait to see the rest of these shots... great teaser!

  2. by Ray Nikyuluw on March 5, 2009  11:36 am Reply

    Arielle, The story, the high school pic, the shot. Lovely Post! ...really made me smile. Like Amber, I can't wait to see the rest. Trust you are well. Ray.

  3. by Leslie on March 6, 2009  6:10 am Reply

    I LOVE how you have their names on the sign in the back! Can't wait to see more!

  4. by Wade on March 8, 2009  9:26 am Reply

    Arielle, Thanks for the great photo shoot. Frederique told me that you often wore the red bow that is on the girl to her left! Look forward to seeing more photos.

  5. by Frederique Perret on March 8, 2009  9:33 am Reply

    Super le signe avec nos noms en arriere plan. Je suis impatiente de voir les autres! Plusieurs de nos amis m'ont demande a quand le reste?! Vite vite, mets en plus. Et non tu n'as pas besoin de retoucher ma brioche sur toutes les photos ;-)
    Je ne me reconnais plus sur la photo de Nacarat... C'est incroyable a quel point on a change! Ton resume de nos annees la bas est super, et ne peut que donner une tres bonne et belle impression de nos annees de pension.
    J'ai mis un message pour votre photo de voeux pour 2009 et ne suis pas sure qu'il soit passe. S'il est perdu je t'envoie plein de bons voeux aussi et suis ravie de te savoir proche. plein de bises.

  6. by Frédérique Cottard-Triau on March 15, 2009  8:07 pm Reply

    Je dois avoir de la buée sur mes lunettes car je ne vois pas ce signe.
    Bon, ça c'est moi ,

    Et non, il ne faut surtout pas retoucher Fred car elle est sublime ! Je suis ravie de regarder ces photos et de les decouvrir tous deux si heureux !
    Tous ces clichés sont excellents : tu as su extraire de Fred cette spontaneite qu'elle a cache si longtemps. J'aime les jeux de femme fatale associes a ceux de la gamine - de Paris ? (disgression sur une vieille chanson... ).
    Je disais donc, excellent travail, a la fois naturel et sophistique. Le tout est coherent dans l'esprit et la personnalite des "acteurs".
    Reellement, un grand bravo.
    Reitere par la subtilite de l'appréhension du bonheur, de la joie.
    Avoir l'"oeil" pour ce genre de chose n'est pas donné a tout le monde. Donc grande vie a ton art,

  7. by Frédérique Cottard-Triau on March 15, 2009  8:09 pm Reply

    Rectification : j'ai vu le panneau. OUF !!!

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