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March 1st… How are your new year’s resolutions going for you? Did you jump on a new diet fad? Did you commit to getting back in shape, join a new gym like you promised yourself? It’s all within our grasp, there are plenty of others who seem to lead a normal life, and manage to resist food temptations and find enough time in their schedule to workout. Did you get there? Are you still considering it? Are you searching for a little motivation? Here’s a little help, a lot of help really: consider this: FOF. And you’re in luck, they’re about to start next week March 7th a 6 WEEKS weight loss challenge (let me say that from personal experience, it really helps to not feel alone when going on a diet plan), ALONG WITH A GREAT DEAL TO JOIN BOOTCAMP: 2 IN ONE! Get in shape and shed the extra weight. Time to commit! Give it a try, go check out their website: “Fixed on Fitness”. Be aware: the DEADLINE TO ENTER THIS CHALLENGE IS BY THIS FRIDAY MARCH 4TH.
Don’t be intimidated by the workout or the other campers: the silver lining in joining this is that you will find yourself part of a community. The workout can be adapted to all level, or injuries. I have joined nearly 2 years ago the Bayview group. It took me a very long time to give it a try, I was seriously intimidated, I could see them do all kinds of tough things that I knew I could not do. I was still incapable of lifting ground, floundering like a fish when trying to do a sit up… I am much stronger now, I can easily do a set of sit ups, I feel much better, I am much happier with myself now that I’m doing what I had set up to do. It’s a much healthier way to live, a little exercise everyday will go a long way helping aging gracefully, and relieving all sorts of aches.
There are several locations available: Pace (with Kenzie), Bayview (with Josh) and also Perdido. I love my FOF family, and wanted you to meet Josh, Kenzie, and their family. I photographed them a little before Christmas.

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